Thursday 2/23


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 Sure Shot – El Paso is considered one of America’s safest cities, but it was painfully reminded of its proximity to one of the world’s most dangerous.  As cops battled car jackers inCiudad Juarez, a stray bullet fired from a few hundred feet from the US border crossed over the border and struck a Texas woman in the leg as she shopped in downtown El Paso. The 48-year-old woman was pushing a child in a stroller at the time. The bullet, apparently caused a clean exit wound, and the victim was treated in hospital and released.

You’re the one that I want – A Georgia man came up with a unique idea about how to “Grease” his path from the big house to the looney bin by telling cops he committed a murder on the orders of an angel that looked like Olivia Newton John!  Prosecutors aren’t so sure about the divine guidance, saying that Hemy Neuman killed the husband of a co-worker because he was obsessed with her and even believed he was the father of her kids. Neuman also alleges he was commanded by a demon who sounded like Barry White. Neuman faces life in prison without parole if convicted.

A “clothes” call – A British burglar was nabbed by authorities trying on women’s clothing in a home he’d just broken into. Jimmy Nash says he was invited into the home by a small Asian boy — but when asked to point out the lad, he pointed to a vase of flowers. He also blamed his actions on cocaine and hallucinogens. Nash, who was wearing only his underwear when deputies arrived, promised to pay for any damage he caused to the home, plus a few extra bucks for good measure.

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