Thursday 2/7

wrapped in towelThe forecast is mostly cloudy for a Florida man who was caught in the act of burglarizing a home while wrapped in a towel – only to tell cops that they couldn’t detain him because he was the sun. Yes, the glowing object in the sky that gives us heat and light. Since it was after dark, police couldn’t automatically discount his story, but a quick background check revealed that his real name was Brett Eric Drachenburg. He was charged with one count of burglary.

A South Carolina man who was preparing for a video shoot ended up starring in a prison drama instead – after he was arrested for felony impersonation for scaring the heck out of a woman by chasing her in a prop car decked out to look like a police cruiser. Jason Stoddard, who works as a videographer, said he was simply playing a prank on a friend when he pulled the stunt. But the woman, who called the real cops, insisted she had no idea who he was. Once they caught up with him and pulled him over, they found the fake squad car contained most of the items in their vehicle, including a nightstick, handcuffs and flashing lights – all of which Stoddard said were to be used in his video. Stoddard said he tried to explain to police what happened, but they weren’t interested in his story.

Anthony Parrish had set up a large tent in a secluded stretch of woods to protect and hide his makeshift Maryjane grow-house, but didn’t check out his neighbors nearly carefully enough. He set up shop right next to a facility used to train police dogs. One of the drug-sniffing K-9s pulled its handler away from a running track right over to the tent – which turned out to contain 79 plants. He’s being held on a pair of drug charges.

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