Thursday 3/15

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I’ll take a slice to go – Florida cops are looking for a cheesy crook who walked into a Papa John’s pizza place, slipped on the store’s mascot uniform and took off wearing it. The teen bandit didn’t make off with any actual edibles, just the costume, which is described as approximately six feet tall, and looking like a giant slice of pizza with pepperoni, mushrooms, green peppers and black olives.

Thank you, “My Crazy Obsession,” – Their latest episode featured a British couple, Bob and Lizzie, who own the world’s largest collection of adult dolls. Spending $150k on 240 (!!!) life-sized sex dolls would seem crazy enough to land the couple on the show, but just when you think it couldn’t get any stranger, they admitted during an interview that the dolls aren’t used as intended, only for “company.”  The couple prefers to simply “hang out” with the dolls, drink tea and eat meals. Maybe they even take them rollerblading on beautiful summer days. At $4,500 a pop, these dolls better be providing some damn good sex-less company.

Why you can’t prank call anymore – A northwestArkansasteenager thought it would be funny to text a random phone number with a silly message, but the joke backfired.  Of all the local phone numbers she could have chosen, the girl picked one that belonged to a police detective. Police found the girl’s address by tracing her cellphone number.  What did she text that would make a detective find her?   To text: “I hid the body … Now what?”  The teen said she got the idea for the prank from a posting on the website Pinterest.  Police didn’t find the prank funny and say it tied up some of the department’s resources. The girl was released with a warning.

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