Thursday 4/19

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He’s howling Mad! – Cops swung by a Georgia man’s house to give him a ticket for violating his town’s noise laws — by barking loud enough to disturb a neighbor more than 100 yards away. The man, who was intoxicated when cops arrived, denied that he was making any noise at all, and when asked to present identification so that a citation could be written, he replied that some people called him The Holy Lamb of God. The man refused to sign the citation because God needs no signature!

That’s quacked up! – Authorities in North Carolina say a busload of elementary students was late getting to school after a duck crashed through the windshield of their bus!  Officials said the duck smashed into the bus’ windshield on Wilmington Highway while it was carrying 10 students to Elizabeth Cashwell Elementary School in Fayetteville. The bus driver suffered a few scratches and none of the children were injured. The duck, which survived the ordeal, was taken by a N.C. Wildlife Resources officer.

I smell gas – A Kentucky man is probably battling a severe case of indigestion after getting arrested over a Facebook photo that shows him getting gas — by siphoning it out of a police cruiser. Michael Baker and his girlfriend posted the picture, which shows him sitting next to the car with a siphon in one hand and a middle finger flipping from the other one. While his girlfriend said the whole thing was just staged for a laugh, Baker admits, “I got a little bit of gas. I ain’t gonna lie but not much. I couldn’t get much. I tried but there wasn’t much in it.”  Baker, who faces a hefty fine, says he’s “not really” sorry for the theft.  Way to keep your stories strait!

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