Thursday 4/26

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A 103-year-old Ugandan man died after fathering 158 children and amassing around 500 grandchildren. Jack Kigongo fathered his children from 20 wives, with the oldest child being 60-years-old and the youngest being 15.  That means he was over 40 when he started!  Guess he felt he had to make up for lost time. Patrick Bulira Kigongo said his father is believed to have fathered the highest number of children in Uganda.  ONLY in Uganda?   

 Neighbors of a British woman who was evicted for ignoring a noise abatement order said she claimed the constant party sounds were caused by a “poltergeist.” Leanne Fennell, 20, who was evicted from herHull,England, home and ordered to pay $586.86 in fines and $793 in legal costs to the Hull City Council, told neighbors who complained about the late-night loud music that a party-loving specter was behind the noise. A neighbor said, “There were always bottles and bottles of wine and cider just chucked in the garden.  She had at least four huge bonfires to burn some of the rubbish that was in there.”

 New Hampshire teenager Nicholas Ficher was flaming mad at another driver for cutting him off at a toll booth, so he pulled out his weapon of choice and pointed it at the vehicle. His aim, however, wasn’t true, and he ended up firing the flare gun into his own car, setting fire to the passenger seat — which had a passenger sitting in it!  A trooper caught up with the 18-year-old as he was trying to discard the gun. Ficher faces felony threat and reckless conduct charges.

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