Thursday 4/5

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He’s the king of the world!! – Police were minding their own business when Jesse James Thomas leapt onto their parked cruiser wearing a sombrero and a single boxing glove, announcing that he’d come to town to make a name for himself! To underscore that attention, he shouted his name at the top of his lungs several times before fleeing down the street. Officers found him a short time later, lying in the street and muttering incoherently about his greatness.

All washed up – Police in Abbotsford were called after midnight Tuesday by neighbors who heard screaming coming from a drive-through, 24-hour car wash.  When officers arrived, they found three 23-year-old inebriated men getting dressed. The trio told officers they had stripped and gotten into a shopping cart to ride through the car wash. Police issued warnings, but didn’t charge the men. They told the CBC it was fortunate the trio hadn’t selected a hot wax cycle.

Well, ain’t that a shot in the ass – The Margate Police Department said a worker at David Bari’s Pawn Shop left his semiautomatic Glock .40 caliber handgun on a counter when he stepped out around 6:30 p.m. Tuesday and another employee mistook it for a store item and attempted to place it into a display case. The gun went off while it was being handled and the bullet struck a third employee in the buttocks and entered through the front pelvic area, police said. Police said the incident is being investigated but the preliminary investigation indicates the shooting was accidental.

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