Thursday 5/17

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A pair of Col­orado moms will face harass­ment charges after attempt­ing to clean up dirty danc­ing at a high school prom.  Jen­nifer Farmer and Han­nah Rockey — who took their chap­er­one duties so seri­ously they were both dressed in mil­i­tary fatigues — did not like the bump­ing and grind­ing on the dance floor, so they decided to shake some cans of their own and began spray­ing cou­ples with dis­in­fec­tant, which some teens claim got into their eyes!  

Seat­tle police are scratch­ing their heads about this one .A car prowler shat­tered a win­dow of a parked Jeep, stole noth­ing and left behind a lit­tle some­thing for the car’s owner — a dozen tor­tillas scat­tered across the floor. Bemused by the break-in, police were moved to pun, say­ing, “The Seat­tle Police Depart­ment would
like to take this oppor­tu­nity to remind car prowlers that you shouldn’t break in to some­thing that’s nachos.”

A 75-year-old man and his wife reported their home had been bur­glar­ized early Sat­ur­day. The hus­band says he was woken up by a light in his office, and found a man who was look­ing through a desk. The sus­pect punched the man and fled on foot!  Police in Orem,UT say they tracked a USB drive left behind at bur­glar­ized home when Dal­las Nal­jahih left in a mad rush. They say the com­puter hard drive con­tained his home­work and was in a back­pack aban­doned in the back­yard. Police say that­Dal­laswas found asleep at his house along with evi­dence con­nect­ing him with the burglary.

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