Thursday 5/24

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Stockholm police said a homeowner called their emergency number to report a man who had attempted to break into his house & had somehow, during his getaway managed to get stuck in a fence outside of his home. Police arrived and snapped a picture of the suspect, before prying him free and placing him under arrest and posted it to their twitter feed where over 4,000 followers could take a gander.

 A Florida woman’s neighbors are burning up with rage after she nearly destroyed their apartment building — by setting fire to her couch while it was still inside! Jill Wooten was in the process of assaulting her roommate when cops arrived to investigate the still-smoldering blaze and when asked, she admitted to taking a match to the sofa because she couldn’t get him to remove it and it smelled of urine. She was arrested on site and charged with arson and domestic battery.

A South Carolina woman was arrested on child endangerment charges for getting trashed while her toddler slept in the trash. Shana Bishop pulled her car into a stranger’s driveway, got out and began to dance around erratically, which attracted the attention of cops particularly because she had her vehicle’s cup-holder stuck in her hair. When they approached to investigate, they found the visibly impaired woman’s two-year-old fast asleep on a large mound of garbage that covered the floor of her car. Bishop, who admitted to using meth, was booked on a variety of charges.

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