Thursday 6/14

State police say a homeowner in rural Erie County town of Newstead, PA woke up around 4:30 a.m. and found a stranger sleeping on his couch. He was unable to wake him up, so his wife called 911. When troopers arrived, they found the very intoxicated man still sleeping on the couch. Troopers say the man told him he thought he was at a friend’s house onGrand Island…20 miles west of Newstead!   The man was charged with criminal trespass and issued an appearance ticket forNewstead Town Court.

 A Florida man tried to get a brief delay in his scheduled trip to jail by telling cops he wasn’t dressed for the occasion. Cops arrived to arrest the man, whose name was not released, on an outstanding warrant, and he immediately became argumentative, thinking they were there to turn off his electricity over an unpaid bill. When they informed him it was more serious than that, he grew nervous and began asking if he could go and put on his undies — a costume change they denied. It turned out that he was carrying about $20 worth of crack cocaine, which earned him another charge to take up with a judge next month.

A passenger walked away from a serious SUV crash in Texas earlier this week — which wouldn’t be all that newsworthy, aside from the fact that she was one year old and had been thrown from the vehicle after her dad crashed it while fleeing cops. Kenny Shawn Jimenez and three other passengers in the SUV had just robbed a woman at gunpoint in a nearby parking lot before speeding off. His driving turned out to be just as good as his robbery skills, as he proved by flipping the vehicle and sending his daughter flying through the back window. The toddler suffered only minor injuries, but her dad is in more serious trouble, facing charges of aggravated robbery, injury to a child, unauthorized use of a vehicle, evading arrest and organized crime

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