Thursday 6/14

State police say a home­owner in rural Erie County town of New­stead, PA woke up around 4:30 a.m. and found a stranger sleep­ing on his couch. He was unable to wake him up, so his wife called 911. When troop­ers arrived, they found the very intox­i­cated man still sleep­ing on the couch. Troop­ers say the man told him he thought he was at a friend’s house onGrand Island…20 miles west of New­stead!   The man was charged with crim­i­nal tres­pass and issued an appear­ance ticket forNew­stead Town Court.

 A Florida man tried to get a brief delay in his sched­uled trip to jail by telling cops he wasn’t dressed for the occa­sion. Cops arrived to arrest the man, whose name was not released, on an out­stand­ing war­rant, and he imme­di­ately became argu­men­ta­tive, think­ing they were there to turn off his elec­tric­ity over an unpaid bill. When they informed him it was more seri­ous than that, he grew ner­vous and began ask­ing if he could go and put on his undies — a cos­tume change they denied. It turned out that he was car­ry­ing about $20 worth of crack cocaine, which earned him another charge to take up with a judge next month.

A pas­sen­ger walked away from a seri­ous SUV crash in Texas ear­lier this week — which wouldn’t be all that news­wor­thy, aside from the fact that she was one year old and had been thrown from the vehi­cle after her dad crashed it while flee­ing cops. Kenny Shawn Jimenez and three other pas­sen­gers in the SUV had just robbed a woman at gun­point in a nearby park­ing lot before speed­ing off. His dri­ving turned out to be just as good as his rob­bery skills, as he proved by flip­ping the vehi­cle and send­ing his daugh­ter fly­ing through the back win­dow. The tod­dler suf­fered only minor injuries, but her dad is in more seri­ous trou­ble, fac­ing charges of aggra­vated rob­bery, injury to a child, unau­tho­rized use of a vehi­cle, evad­ing arrest and orga­nized crime

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