Thursday 6/28

A Phoenix teenager babysitting his siblings shot and critically wounded a home intruder, police said. The unidentified 14-year-old boy was in charge of his younger siblings, 8, 10, and 12 years old, when first a strange woman, then a man pounded on the door of the home. He raced upstairs to retrieve his father’s handgun when the man broke through the door and pointed a gun at the teen, who in turn shot the suspect in the chest, according to authorities. The boy then called his parents and ran to a neighbor’s house with the other children.The suspect is expected to recover, and will be booked into jail when he’s released from the hospital,


Be careful where you fart: A New Jersey man is accused of threatening his neighbor with a gun after hearing the neighbor pass gas outside his apartment door. Daniel Collins Jr., 72, allegedly pointed a 32-caliber revolver at the neighbor and said, “I’m going to put a hole in your head,” My Fox NY reports. He was subsequently arrested and now faces numerous charges including aggravated assault. Not surprisingly, the men were supposedly involved in an ongoing disagreement about noise.


A Minnesota man is in custody after calling in sick to his office – only to be found drunk and bloodied in someone else’s! Cops followed a trail of blood to a telemarketing company conference room, where they found Michael Charles Mitty incoherent and spattered with his own blood — with junk food wrappers strewn around him. Mitty explained that he’d taken the day off in order to stay home, play video games and drink, a plan he followed until he got bored and decided to take a drive. After a short spell on the road, he realized how wasted he was and pulled over, then decided to break into a nearby office building to get some snacks from a vending machine — which he smashed open, cutting himself badly. Police hauled him away, and he now faces felony burglary charges.

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