Thursday 6/8

In California, a dad was running late, trying to his son to a youth soccer game. So, the he did what any good dad would do — he drove 104 miles per hour on the wrong side of the road to make up time. Unfortunately, the kid never made it to the game as the dad was arrested for reckless driving and child endangerment.

A terrified Texas woman escaped the scene of an armed bank robbery! She was at the bank cashing a check when a masked gunman burst in, and she freaked out and fled out a back door — jumping into a vehicle that was already running and burned rubber! She drove a few miles and stopped at a convenience store to gather her wits, but was met by cops who slapped the cuffs on her because she took off in the getaway vehicle!  She was detained briefly, then released without charges.

Officers approached Brandon de Leon after he began acting bizarrely outside a fast food restaurant, only to have the 21-year-old lurch at them, screaming, “I’m going to eat you.” They handcuffed de Leon, who then began beating his head on the patrol car divider while growling and snapping his teeth. He managed to nip one deputy without drawing blood before being transported to a hospital for observation.  Obviously this guy hasn’t been watching the news.  The last time a guy tried to pull this off ended up shot to death.

Unknown source