Thursday 7/19

Manatee County, FL Sheriff’s Office said the man approached a deputy outside the Bradenton office and told her he “wanted to go to jail.” The report said the man, later identified as Shakeem Fleming, 20, put his hands behind his back and told the deputy he did not have any ID. A second deputy arrived and Fleming then climbed onto the hood of the patrol car and jumped up and down, causing about $800 worth of damage to the vehicle, officers said.”Are you going to arrest me now?”  Fleming, who was found to be carrying his birth certificate and Social Security card, was placed under arrest. Fleming told the deputies he wanted to go to jail because he “had something to do,” but did not elaborate, the report said.

One look at Paul Gaylord’s hands shows why the plague is referred to as “Black Death” because they look like charcoal.  The 59-year-old contracted the plague after trying to take a mouse from the jaws of a choking cat, which then bit him. Doctors are waiting to see if they can save a portion of his fingers, but the outlook is grim. “We didn’t even know the plague was around anymore,” says sister Diana Gaylord. “We thought that was an ancient, ancient disease.”
A Georgia man who’d lost his wallet also lost his freedom – after cops hauled him in for making eight calls to 911 in which he threatened to kill his town’s entire police department if they didn’t find it. Bryan Adrian Cole was reportedly walking along the side of a highway when he made the increasingly agitated-sounding calls, and when cops followed his cell phone signal, they found him, shouting and holding a large, partially consumed box of wine. Responding officers tried to reason with Cole, but said that he was rambling in a manner that was impossible to comprehend. The deputies arrested him on charges of making terroristic threats, and to add insult to injury, poured the wine out at the side of the road.

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