Thursday 7/19

Man­a­tee County, FL Sheriff’s Office said the man approached a deputy out­side the Braden­ton office and told her he “wanted to go to jail.” The report said the man, later iden­ti­fied as Sha­keem Flem­ing, 20, put his hands behind his back and told the deputy he did not have any ID. A sec­ond deputy arrived and Flem­ing then climbed onto the hood of the patrol car and jumped up and down, caus­ing about $800 worth of dam­age to the vehi­cle, offi­cers said.“Are you going to arrest me now?”  Flem­ing, who was found to be car­ry­ing his birth cer­tifi­cate and Social Secu­rity card, was placed under arrest. Flem­ing told the deputies he wanted to go to jail because he “had some­thing to do,” but did not elab­o­rate, the report said.

One look at Paul Gaylord’s hands shows why the plague is referred to as “Black Death” because they look like char­coal.  The 59-year-old con­tracted the plague after try­ing to take a mouse from the jaws of a chok­ing cat, which then bit him. Doc­tors are wait­ing to see if they can save a por­tion of his fin­gers, but the out­look is grim. “We didn’t even know the plague was around any­more,” says sis­ter Diana Gay­lord. “We thought that was an ancient, ancient dis­ease.“
A Geor­gia man who’d lost his wal­let also lost his free­dom – after cops hauled him in for mak­ing eight calls to 911 in which he threat­ened to kill his town’s entire police depart­ment if they didn’t find it. Bryan Adrian Cole was report­edly walk­ing along the side of a high­way when he made the increas­ingly agitated-sounding calls, and when cops fol­lowed his cell phone sig­nal, they found him, shout­ing and hold­ing a large, par­tially con­sumed box of wine. Respond­ing offi­cers tried to rea­son with Cole, but said that he was ram­bling in a man­ner that was impos­si­ble to com­pre­hend. The deputies arrested him on charges of mak­ing ter­ror­is­tic threats, and to add insult to injury, poured the wine out at the side of the road.

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