Thursday 8/23

DeLand, FL police said the man, described as about 6 feet tall with short blond hair and sideburns, borrowed a pen at a Dunkin Donuts shortly before 8:30 a.m. which doesn’t seem so out of the ordinary but he used it to write the note he used to rob the shop. Police have released security camera footage of the man, who was last seen wearing a white T-short, tan pants and white shoes.

Managers of a Family Dollar Store said they attempted to stop Treila Woods, before she left the store, suspecting her of shoplifting. The alleged driver of her getaway car, Sean Foxx, watched her attempt to leave through a broken and unmoving door, and came inside to help her, police said.
“He goes in through one of the open doors. He threatens the managers, telling them he’ll be back to get them because they were going to hurt his girlfriend,” said Sgt. Daniel Alonzo of the San Antonio Police Department Robbery Task Force. Foxx and Woods were arrested a short time later, after which Foxx proposed marriage and Woods accepted.

A Florida man crashed his car in a drunken stupor, then proceeded to hold off cops by making a call to his lawyer. Joseph Jeffrey Holliday was unable to stand up when officers approached him, and repeatedly refused requests to take a field sobriety test. He told the deputies that he wanted to speak to his lawyer first, then pulled out his pack of cigarettes and made an unsuccessful attempt to make the phone call.  While he didn’t make a statement directly to the boys in blue, a recorder in the cruiser captured Holliday spontaneously saying, “You shouldn’t drink when you go out. If I would have been sober I wouldn’t be in handcuffs right now.”

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