Thursday 9/13

Emergency responders in Sweden who were rushing to the scene of a reported gas leak found out that there was something fishy at the scene – literally. The call, which resulted in the evacuation of a Stockholm suburb, turned up nothing more explosive than a bucket of fermented herring – a notoriously stinky concoction popular at fall festivals in the Scandinavian country.

Pennsylvania Cops grew suspicious when they spotted Leonard Taylor sitting on the stoop of a burned out house, holding a bag of meat and counting out money. The officers approached Taylor, who told them he’d been handed the deli meat by a couple who he’d been drinking with at a nearby bar until they accompanied him outside for a cigarette, then left, promising to return in a few minutes. When they searched Taylor, the deputies found a number of receipts that helped them retrace his steps, leading to the ransacked eatery – and to his arrest on burglary charges

FL resident David Weber broke into a car in a parking garage, then went down the street to The Clevelander to celebrate the heist with a cold one – but when he handed over the card, the barkeep quickly recognized his own name on the front and called cops. Weber, who is homeless, told officers he found the credit card on the ground. He was arrested and booked into the Miami-Dade County Jail on charges of theft and fraud.

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