Thursday 9/27

 A man was so desperate to sneak into Spain he decided to disguise himself as a car seat. The 20-year-old immigrant fromGuinea pulled apart the passenger seat cushioning and slid behind the metal caging while one of his co-smugglers sat on top of him. While the trio was recognized by police for their creative and innovative efforts, the two Moroccan men were arrested for smuggling and the young immigrant was detained, brought before a judge and then kicked out of the country. 

Corey and Hope O’Kelley of Largosaid their 10-year-old beagle, Arnie, downed most of a $300 cash wad while they were sleeping last month. The couple said they took Arnie on extra walks and were “relentless” about collecting his dog doo in order to retrieve their cash. Hope O’Kelley said she was delighted when Arnie assisted by vomiting up some of the scraps. “We found a pile of vomit, and I was like, ‘Yes,'” she said.She said her father’s wife and sister-in-law assisted with helping to piece the money back together after it had been cleaned. She said the process took about 90 minutes “with wine.” The couple said the story had a happy ending with their bank agreeing to replace the cash since they were able to piece the bills back together well enough to read the serial

A man got so tired while driving that he stopped to get some sleep at someone’s house … unfortunately, he didn’t park his car first. Fred Ciabatoni was watching TV in his bedroom when he was nearly hit by a car that crashed into his home. The driver of the vehicle fell asleep behind the wheel and lost control while going around a dangerous curve. Fred called 911 right after the crash and urged the driver to stay put. While the drivers name has not been released, it is safe to say he is wide awake now.

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