Thursday 9/27

 A man was so des­per­ate to sneak into Spain he decided to dis­guise him­self as a car seat. The 20-year-old immi­grant fromGuinea pulled apart the pas­sen­ger seat cush­ion­ing and slid behind the metal caging while one of his co-smugglers sat on top of him. While the trio was rec­og­nized by police for their cre­ative and inno­v­a­tive efforts, the two Moroc­can men were arrested for smug­gling and the young immi­grant was detained, brought before a judge and then kicked out of the country. 

Corey and Hope O’Kelley of Largo­said their 10-year-old bea­gle, Arnie, downed most of a $300 cash wad while they were sleep­ing last month. The cou­ple said they took Arnie on extra walks and were “relent­less” about col­lect­ing his dog doo in order to retrieve their cash. Hope O’Kelley said she was delighted when Arnie assisted by vom­it­ing up some of the scraps. “We found a pile of vomit, and I was like, ‘Yes,’” she said.She said her father’s wife and sister-in-law assisted with help­ing to piece the money back together after it had been cleaned. She said the process took about 90 min­utes “with wine.” The cou­ple said the story had a happy end­ing with their bank agree­ing to replace the cash since they were able to piece the bills back together well enough to read the ser­ial

A man got so tired while dri­ving that he stopped to get some sleep at someone’s house … unfor­tu­nately, he didn’t park his car first. Fred Cia­ba­toni was watch­ing TV in his bed­room when he was nearly hit by a car that crashed into his home. The dri­ver of the vehi­cle fell asleep behind the wheel and lost con­trol while going around a dan­ger­ous curve. Fred called 911 right after the crash and urged the dri­ver to stay put. While the dri­vers name has not been released, it is safe to say he is wide awake now.

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