Thursday 9/6

The cover-up usually comes before the crime, but up in Utica, New York, a man showed that the cover-up can cause the crime – by attacking his girlfriend over custody of an old blanket. Pedro Bermudez allegedly went to his ex’s apartment to retrieve the bedding, but she didn’t want to relinquish it, leading to a tussle in which he took a bite out of her hand. When she let go, he fled the scene, but was quickly tracked down by cops. He faces two misdemeanors and one felony charge.

The Genesee County, NY Sheriff’s Office says deputies were called to Darien Lake Theme Park and Resort after Larry Jones, bought french fries with a fake $50 bill. Deputies say a park employee spotted the fake and called security. While being taken away, deputies say, Jones stuffed five bills into his mouth and tried unsuccessfully to eat them. Investigators say Jones told them he had received the bills as pay for a remodeling job. He was charged with possessing a forged instrument and tampering with evidence and jailed without bail.

Two Florida teenagers are awaiting charges after they were arrested during a robbery.  The teens had a plan to steal a load of Yu-Gi-Goh cards from a Wal-Mart by having one of them try to snag the cards, only to be apprehended by the second – who was dressed in a security outfit and carrying fake handcuffs. The phony guard marched the thief out to the parking lot, uncuffed him and they ran off together into the sunset. The scene observed by employees, who called real cops.  The kids, realizing their bluff was called, surrendered without incident, with one telling a reporter, “I mean, everybody’s stupid, just not like this.”

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