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burglar-computerA burglar in Minnesota might just be the dumbest guy in the world after he broke into a house and decided to check Facebook from the homeowner’s computer. He, of course, forgot to log off, so catching him was pretty easy.

The homeowner, James Wood, returned to his house to find it had been burglarized and ransacked. He was missing cash, credit cards and watches. He also found some wet clothes, which weren’t his, and assumed they belonged to the burglar because it was a rainy night. He then went on the computer and saw the Facebook profile of 26-year-old Nicholas Wig.

Oh, but it gets better. Wood posted a message to Wig to inform him that he knew he had broken into his house, posted his phone number and asked him to contact him. And Wig did. He texted later in the day. Wood told him that he had left some clothes at his house and wanted to get them back to him. So Wig agreed to meet up with him to retrieve his wet clothes – and that’s when police came and arrested him. Wig was even wearing the watch he had stolen from Wood’s home. He could face up to 10 years in prison.
A Tennessee park ranger says he was fired for dancing on the job after a visitor to Coolidge Park in Chattanooga posted a video of him busting a move on Facebook. According to Deryl Nelson, his supervisors were not impressed with the video and he was terminated for “conduct unbecoming of a public employee.”

Melissa Parsons posted the video online after capturing it on her cellphone because she didn’t think Nelson’s moves were appropriate for children to see.

“As a parent and seeing all the parents that were covering their kids eyes and turning their heads away, it wasn’t something you would expect to see in Coolidge Park or anywhere from a grown man, especially a man in uniform,” Parsons told NewChannel 9 WTVC. “He went all the way to the ground, he came back up from the ground, he was grabbing areas that you would see on a rated R movie.” According to city records, Nelson was suspended for five days for “addressing inappropriate remarks to a co-worker” in 2013. Nelson started dancing at the park after he jumped in with a group of visitors who were doing the Macarena. The 51-year-old plans to keep grooving, with or without his job.

“It’s all about enjoying what you do and that’s the way I feel,” Deryl told WRCB. “Clean fun. It’s nothing like doing any bumping and grinding. People just have nothing else to do but bash people. No twerks, no jerking, no nothing.”


A Boise, Idaho man made a clean getaway after breaking into a home in order to make a filthy mess – by pooping on the floor, then flooding the kitchen.

Tricia Gillaspy, who had moved into the house two days earlier with her husband, says that she was awakened by a loud noise, and when she got up, she spotted Matthew Coomes strolling around stark naked. Gillaspy roused her husband, who pulled a gun on a highly-intoxicated Coomes before calling 911 and telling the dispatcher he’d shoot the intruder if officers didn’t arrive soon.

As the couple was awaiting the patrol car, they surveyed the damage Coomes caused and found that he’d used the sink sprayer to flood the kitchen and defecated on the carpet. Ms. Gillaspy said, “He must have been playing in it because he streaked it down the side of my walls. The stain is gone finally, thank goodness.”

Much to the Gillaspys’ surprise, Coomes wasn’t arrested: Cops placed him into the back of the cruiser and drove him home – telling the couple they should have made a citizens’ arrest if they wanted him jailed.


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