Tuesday 10/2

A 70-year-old Oregon farmer went to the barn to feed his hogs and never returned. A family member later found a few body parts and Terry Vance Garner’s dentures in the hog pen. Authorities are still investigating what happened, but they believe it’s likely the elderly farmer may have had a heart attack, fell, or was knocked down by the hogs, and the animals ate him. One of hogs, which tip the scales at 700 pounds, had recently acted aggressively toward the farmer, reports Associate Press. “What a way” to go, a friend told NBC.

Daytona Beach police were responding to a domestic dispute call when 29-year-old Samuel Scott resisted arrest and attacked two cops. He then used his head to break through a window, jumped out onto the Atlantic beach and tried to make a swim for it in the ocean. He got just past the crashing waves before realizing that the Atlantic Ocean is bigger than he thought. He was booked and charged with resisting arrest and battery.

Oregon man Donald Munoz, 32, allegedly rode his bike through a red light right into the front of a deputy’s patrol car. According to the deputy, Munoz admitted to drinking three bottles of Mike’s Hard Lemonade before riding his bicycle. He also had an open container of liquid on his bicycle that was determined to contain alcohol. Munoz was arrested on suspicion of driving while intoxicated.

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