Tuesday 10/23

A Pennsylvania man whose motor home was damaged by a rock-throwing vandal told police he believes Bigfoot is behind the crime.Pennsylvania State Police released a complaint saying John Reed, 39, of Lykens, also a member of the Lykens Valley Sasquatch Hunters, told troopers he caught a glimpse of the late-night vandal and believes the perpetrator to be Bigfoot. “It wasn’t a person. I didn’t see any clothes or coat or anything like that, I don’t think it was a bear. It didn’t move like a bear.” Dauphin County District Attorney Edward Marsico Jr. said his office would prosecute the Sasquatch if it is captured by authorities. “We have been searching for him for years,” Marsico said with a laugh. “We would be glad to prosecute, assuming the elusive thing is captured.”

A Pennsylvania man proved he wasn’t the sharpest tool after he went after his housemate with a chainsaw.76-year-old Guy Allen allegedly cut through the door of the home he shared with Ronald Lee Tanner, and then began swinging the chainsaw at Tanner. According to police, Black was upset that Tanner had changed the locks on the house. Luckily, the saw got stuck on Tanner’s shirt and jammed, allowing him to fight back and pin Black down with an umbrella. Tanner escaped without injuries. Allen got a one-way trip to jail, where he is being held on $100,000 bail.

20-year-old Alexandrea McArthur of Florida was working at the Piercing Pagoda when she hatched the brilliant plan to swipe some of the store’s jewelry, walk it down to another jewelry store in the same mall, and sell it. Both stores thought something seemed a little fishy, so they contacted security, who was probably shocked to actually have something to do, and foiled her plan. Cops were called in and McArthur was arrested for dealing stolen goods.

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