Tuesday 10/30

A Texas woman said her homeowner’s association has ordered her
to take down the “fort” her 9-year-old son built in front of her
townhome.Ramona Aarsvold of Austin said Summerwood
Homeowners Association board of directors sent her a letter
Thursday giving her 10 days to take down the small structure her
son, Nicholas, built in the front yard. Stan Scheiber, the managing agent for the townhomes, said the “fort,” made from sticks and firewood the boy and a friend found in some nearby woods, violates the
association’s architectural rules. Aarsvold said she is reluctant to
take down her son’s structure.”That would be the wrong thing to
do,” Aarsvold said. “I don’t want to punish Nicholas’ creativity or
squelch his spirit.” “I will talk to my son because I want to stick with
him. I think he’s learned a lesson to stand up for something when
people are being unreasonable,” she said.

A Colorado pet store owner says a man who stole a $1,200 lizard
by hiding it under his shirt may not know the animal is venomous.
Ron Beall, owner of Scales and Trails in Lakewood, said security
cameras recorded a man entering the store Friday and taking
Grumpy the Gila monster by hiding the reptile under his shirt,
KUSA-TV, Denver, reported Monday.Beall said Gila monsters are
venomous and the man could require hospitalization if bitten. Beall
said he is hoping Grumpy will soon be returned because he is
being treated for a sickness that prevents him from eating on his

A woman has been arrested for allegedly hitting a 10-year-old girl who refused to share ice cream with her daughter. A 4 year old asked the older girl for her ice cream, and when she refused, tried to grab it. Police say the 10 year old then slapped her hand away. The older girl began walking home but the mother of the 4 year old, Talysa Herron, approached and hit her in the face. She then followed her home in her car. The 10-year-old’s mother, Cyndi Lafontaine, confronted Herron but was herself punched and beaten until police were called. Herron has been charged with injury to a child.

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