Tuesday 10/9

Customs officials in Amsterdam intercepted a suitcase containing 200 live tarantulas. According to officials at Schiphol Airport, a German couple, flying in from Peru, were also carrying dozens of centipedes, crickets, grasshoppers and beetles.The creepy crawlers were seized by officers. No word on why the couple had the tarantulas and other insects – or if they would face charges.  I can guarantee that their friend’s won’t be coming to dinner anytime soon.

Authorities in Orem, Utah say a man alerted police Wednesday after he received a phone call from his home phone on his cellphone. Officials say the man heard banging and scratching noises on the line and figured it was an intruder. Police went to the man’s home but didn’t find anything missing or broken. The man later called officers and told them he figured out the mystery. He said his dog had grabbed the home phone’s receiver and apparently hit the redial button while burying it in the

31-year-old Samuel Phipps was arrested after his Land Rover veered off the road and crashed into a guardrail. The state trooper who responded to the accident found that Phipps appeared to be intoxicated. When he questioned him about the accident, Phipps claimed that he had swerved to avoid an elephant running across the road. He also allegedly told the deputy he had smoked some pot laced with PCP before getting behind the wheel. According to Delaware police, there were no reports of elephants running loose in New Castle that night.

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