Tuesday 1/10

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3 Stooges – Three suspects were arrested after allegedly stealing beer from a California convenience store — then returning to sloppily erase their tracks, police say. Oscar Jimenez, 19, Eduardo Salgado, 18, and a juvenile whose name was not reported allegedly stole beer
from Dooley’s Liquor Store & Market in Santa Clarita about 10:30 p.m. Sunday. Detectives allege they returned a half-hour later, drunk, and asked the clerk to hand over the surveillance video.One suspect allegedly brandished a knife and cut the store clerk on the arm. The clerk needed stitches. What would have been a misdemeanor theft charge suddenly became felony for assault with a deadly weapon.The three escaped, but were apprehended in short order, the TV station said.

Head in One –In an unfortunate turn of events, a 40-year-old man, whose name was not reported, dropped his wallet into the sewer in an underground parking garage in Montmelian, Franceand tried retrieve it.  When grabbing for his wallet, he slipped and ended up somehow getting his head stuck in the sewer. The man stayed in that position overnight until someone using the parking garage spotted his feet sticking out of the sewer the next morning. After rescuing the man, police noticed he had been siphoning off waste oil from his car into the sewer at the time he got stuck, which is an offense in France.The man was ticketed.

Dial “D” for Dummy – Not everyone is cut out to do phone sales. That’s the lesson learned by two Florida men, who ended up behind bars after calling a guy and trying to peddle an I-Phone and I-Pad.  Appropriately-named Devonte Suckie and Zachary Swindle held up Hank Yan at gunpoint, snagging the devices and $500 in cash. After finding his number in the phone, they rang him up and offered to sell the stuff back at a good price.  It was an offer Yan couldn’t refuse — although he decided to bring some uniformed friends in to help him carry the merchandise, and haul the two crooks off to jail.

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