Tuesday 1/10

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3 Stooges - Three sus­pects were arrested after allegedly steal­ing beer from a Cal­i­for­nia con­ve­nience store — then return­ing to slop­pily erase their tracks, police say. Oscar Jimenez, 19, Eduardo Sal­gado, 18, and a juve­nile whose name was not reported allegedly stole beer
from Dooley’s Liquor Store & Mar­ket in Santa Clarita about 10:30 p.m. Sun­day. Detec­tives allege they returned a half-hour later, drunk, and asked the clerk to hand over the sur­veil­lance video.One sus­pect allegedly bran­dished a knife and cut the store clerk on the arm. The clerk needed stitches. What would have been a mis­de­meanor theft charge sud­denly became felony for assault with a deadly weapon.The three escaped, but were appre­hended in short order, the TV sta­tion said.

Head in One -In an unfor­tu­nate turn of events, a 40-year-old man, whose name was not reported, dropped his wal­let into the sewer in an under­ground park­ing garage in Mont­melian, France­and tried retrieve it.  When grab­bing for his wal­let, he slipped and ended up some­how get­ting his head stuck in the sewer. The man stayed in that posi­tion overnight until some­one using the park­ing garage spot­ted his feet stick­ing out of the sewer the next morn­ing. After res­cu­ing the man, police noticed he had been siphon­ing off waste oil from his car into the sewer at the time he got stuck, which is an offense in France.The man was ticketed.

Dial “D” for Dummy — Not every­one is cut out to do phone sales. That’s the les­son learned by two Florida men, who ended up behind bars after call­ing a guy and try­ing to ped­dle an I-Phone and I-Pad.  Appropriately-named Devonte Suckie and Zachary Swin­dle held up Hank Yan at gun­point, snag­ging the devices and $500 in cash. After find­ing his num­ber in the phone, they rang him up and offered to sell the stuff back at a good price.  It was an offer Yan couldn’t refuse — although he decided to bring some uni­formed friends in to help him carry the mer­chan­dise, and haul the two crooks off to jail.

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