Tuesday 11/21

A woman in central Russia kept her husband’s dead body for three years and told her kids to talk to him and feed him. When her husband, a missionary, died in 2009, she simply left him on a bed in their apartment. She ordered their five home-schooled children to “‘talk’ to their father and ‘feed’ him with a broth she made,” said investigators. “The children, who were worried for their mother and realized their father was dead, would tell her that he talked to them and ate the food.” They even covered the scent of his decomposing corpse with air fresheners, but finally had to dispose of him when the family moved to another town. So two of the kids, girls aged nine and 14, put him in bags and left him in the bushes but his right hand and head broke off, so they dumped them in a garbage bin. Police later investigated but determined that the mother posed no danger to anyone, even though she was mentally unstable.

A Rhode Island man was arrested for indecent exposure after driving fellow bar patron’s nuts with a joke that involved him flashing his own. Kiel Jefferies 25-year-old, who was wearing a long T-shirt that his fellow revelers assumed, was covering a pair of shorts, repeatedly approached strangers at the bar and said, “Knock, knock.” Whenever anyone replied “Who’s there?” Jefferies wouldn’t say a word, but would lift his shirt to expose his genitals. He’s been ordered to undergo alcohol treatment, and is banned from that bar for life.

-Police in Florida said a naked man seen “in a vulgar and indecent manner” allegedly kicked an officer in the groin area before being subdued with a stun gun. A woman called 911 and reported Wilfredo Rodriguez, 57, nude in her back yard and officers arrived to see the suspect attempting to flee into his home.  Rodriguez allegedly told police he had consumed alcohol and smoked marijuana prior to the incident and did not remember taking his clothes off. He suffered a cut to his head and four broken ribs from the fight with police. Rodriguez was arrested on charges including exposure of sexual organs, resisting officer with violence and battery.

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