Tuesday 11/27

Freak News 11272012

An Irish businessman said he is offering Pope John Paul II’s
Popemobile up for rent to partiers for $324 per hour.Paddy
Dunning said the Popemobile, a yellow Ford Transit van specially
adapted for the pope’s 1979 visit to Ireland, came with the Dublin
Wax Museum when he purchased it a few years ago and he is now
planning to rent out the 15-seat vehicle for bachelor parties and
other engagements, the British newspaper The Daily Telegraph
reported Monday.Dunning said the vehicle will also be made
available for charity and sporting events.

Hope you’re not in the middle of eating: The Florida man who died
after winning a roach-eating contest suffocated partly on little bug
bodies, CBS Miami reports. Edward Archbold, 32, died from
choking and vomiting due to “airway obstruction by the arthropod
body parts,” according to his autopsy. His October 6 death
moments after the contest at a reptile store in Deerfield Beach,
Fla., was ruled an accident. He won a python in the competition.
Archbold “was literally taking roaches by the handful,” says witness
Olivia Murphy. “He wanted the snake bad.” But after the contest,
Archbold began vomiting uncontrollably. “I just saw bugs all over
his face, stuff like drooling down his face, and I was kind of
throwing up a little bit myself just from like seeing that,” says
Murphy. An attorney for the store’s owner says all contestants had
signed a waiver, and the bugs they ate were “safely and
domestically raised in a controlled environment as food for

What an udder delight: Students in England have taken to pouring
entire bottles of milk on themselves in apparent protest against
“being milked by the government,” the Guardian reports. And
they’ve filmed themselves doing it all over—in hotels, shopping
malls, roundabouts, and gas stations. It’s just the latest among
weird UK student fads, including: Planking—lying face down in public, Batmanning—hanging upside down in public, The “cinnamon challenge”—eating a tablespoon of cinnamon in a minute without water … apparently not that easy. One benefit of the earlier trends: They may be more hygienic than pouring milk on your head. “The smell of sour milk is present all over our house,” says one “milkman.”

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