Tuesday 11/27

Freak News 11272012

An Irish busi­ness­man said he is offer­ing Pope John Paul II’s
Pope­mo­bile up for rent to partiers for $324 per hour.Paddy
Dun­ning said the Pope­mo­bile, a yel­low Ford Tran­sit van spe­cially
adapted for the pope’s 1979 visit to Ire­land, came with the Dublin
Wax Museum when he pur­chased it a few years ago and he is now
plan­ning to rent out the 15-seat vehi­cle for bach­e­lor par­ties and
other engage­ments, the British news­pa­per The Daily Tele­graph
reported Monday.Dunning said the vehi­cle will also be made
avail­able for char­ity and sport­ing events.

Hope you’re not in the mid­dle of eat­ing: The Florida man who died
after win­ning a roach-eating con­test suf­fo­cated partly on lit­tle bug
bod­ies, CBS Miami reports. Edward Arch­bold, 32, died from
chok­ing and vom­it­ing due to “air­way obstruc­tion by the arthro­pod
body parts,” accord­ing to his autopsy. His Octo­ber 6 death
moments after the con­test at a rep­tile store in Deer­field Beach,
Fla., was ruled an acci­dent. He won a python in the com­pe­ti­tion.
Arch­bold “was lit­er­ally tak­ing roaches by the hand­ful,” says wit­ness
Olivia Mur­phy. “He wanted the snake bad.” But after the con­test,
Arch­bold began vom­it­ing uncon­trol­lably. “I just saw bugs all over
his face, stuff like drool­ing down his face, and I was kind of
throw­ing up a lit­tle bit myself just from like see­ing that,” says
Mur­phy. An attor­ney for the store’s owner says all con­tes­tants had
signed a waiver, and the bugs they ate were “safely and
domes­ti­cally raised in a con­trolled envi­ron­ment as food for

What an udder delight: Stu­dents in Eng­land have taken to pour­ing
entire bot­tles of milk on them­selves in appar­ent protest against
“being milked by the gov­ern­ment,” the Guardian reports. And
they’ve filmed them­selves doing it all over—in hotels, shop­ping
malls, round­abouts, and gas sta­tions. It’s just the lat­est among
weird UK stu­dent fads, includ­ing: Planking—lying face down in pub­lic, Batmanning—hanging upside down in pub­lic, The “cin­na­mon challenge”—eating a table­spoon of cin­na­mon in a minute with­out water … appar­ently not that easy. One ben­e­fit of the ear­lier trends: They may be more hygienic than pour­ing milk on your head. “The smell of sour milk is present all over our house,” says one “milkman.”

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