Tuesday 11/6

Authorities at a British airport had been using pre-recorded tapes of birds in distress in an attempt to deter the feathered pests from invading runways, but that plan hadn’t been working out all that well. A staff member switched the feed to whatever tape happened to be nearby, and found that Tina Turner was just the ticket to get the flying freeloaders out of town. A researcher said he had no idea why Turner was an audio scarecrow, but noted, “Clearly birds and planes are not a good combination for either the bird or the plane. You want something therefore that’s going to create a habitat that’s not of interest for them.”

Naples, FL police said a neighbor of Brandon Michael Perry said he argued with Perry and some of Perry’s family members and Perry allegedly punched the neighbor later in the day while he was riding his bicycle! Police said they looked at Perry’s Twitter account and discovered Perry, who described himself on the website as a “pill popping animal,” had posted to his account about his intention to attack the other man and later bragged about having harmed the alleged victim.Perry was charged with battery and released after posting $2,000 bond.

A Florida man ended up channeling both Dopey and Sleepy after breaking into a house. Joseph Sherman LaCross jimmied his way into the residence through a locked garage door and scooped up a handful of things, including a bottle of nail polish and a Gatorade, which he guzzled before taking a siesta on the homeowners couch! LaCross was charged with burglary and larceny and transported to prison.

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