Tuesday 11/6

Author­i­ties at a British air­port had been using pre-recorded tapes of birds in dis­tress in an attempt to deter the feath­ered pests from invad­ing run­ways, but that plan hadn’t been work­ing out all that well. A staff mem­ber switched the feed to what­ever tape hap­pened to be nearby, and found that Tina Turner was just the ticket to get the fly­ing free­load­ers out of town. A researcher said he had no idea why Turner was an audio scare­crow, but noted, “Clearly birds and planes are not a good com­bi­na­tion for either the bird or the plane. You want some­thing there­fore that’s going to cre­ate a habi­tat that’s not of inter­est for them.”

Naples, FL police said a neigh­bor of Bran­don Michael Perry said he argued with Perry and some of Perry’s fam­ily mem­bers and Perry allegedly punched the neigh­bor later in the day while he was rid­ing his bicy­cle! Police said they looked at Perry’s Twit­ter account and dis­cov­ered Perry, who described him­self on the web­site as a “pill pop­ping ani­mal,” had posted to his account about his inten­tion to attack the other man and later bragged about hav­ing harmed the alleged victim.Perry was charged with bat­tery and released after post­ing $2,000 bond.

A Florida man ended up chan­nel­ing both Dopey and Sleepy after break­ing into a house. Joseph Sher­man LaCross jim­mied his way into the res­i­dence through a locked garage door and scooped up a hand­ful of things, includ­ing a bot­tle of nail pol­ish and a Gatorade, which he guz­zled before tak­ing a siesta on the home­own­ers couch! LaCross was charged with bur­glary and lar­ceny and trans­ported to prison.

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