Tuesday 12/13

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The great corn­ho­lio heist - Police inBrazil’s south­east­ern­Sao Paulostate are inves­ti­gat­ing the theft of 55U.S.tons of corn from a mov­ing train. A police report says the thieves greased the train tracks, mak­ing the wheels of the 54-wagon loco­mo­tive skid and slow down before they used a tow truck with a hook to remove the corn-filled containers. 

That’s not-cho best idea - A drug smug­gler in Cal­i­for­nia ended up with a lit­tle too much spice in his life after being busted try­ing to hide more than $100,000 worth of crys­tal meth in cans of jalapenos and nacho cheese sauce.  The uniden­ti­fied man was stopped at a Mex­i­can bor­der cross­ing, where offi­cials found the cans, which they deemed to be too heavy — since they con­tained more than seven pounds of the drug in addi­tion to the spicy treats. 

It’s my after­shave - An off duty Florida cop Fer­nando Villa was found “unre­spon­sive” in his car, with his foot on the brake, the car in gear and he was half naked. The arrest­ing tried sev­eral times to shake Villa awake, but didn’t have any luck until he shouted directly in his ear. When he finally roused his col­league, Villa refused to take any tests, say­ing he was fight­ing off the effects of the head injury he incurred back in 1998.  Even though Villa reeked of booze, he was not booked, but was dri­ven to his home to sleep it off.

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