Tuesday 12/13

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The great cornholio heist – Police inBrazil’s southeasternSao Paulostate are investigating the theft of 55U.S.tons of corn from a moving train. A police report says the thieves greased the train tracks, making the wheels of the 54-wagon locomotive skid and slow down before they used a tow truck with a hook to remove the corn-filled containers. 

That’s not-cho best idea – A drug smuggler in California ended up with a little too much spice in his life after being busted trying to hide more than $100,000 worth of crystal meth in cans of jalapenos and nacho cheese sauce.  The unidentified man was stopped at a Mexican border crossing, where officials found the cans, which they deemed to be too heavy — since they contained more than seven pounds of the drug in addition to the spicy treats. 

It’s my aftershave – An off duty Florida cop Fernando Villa was found “unresponsive” in his car, with his foot on the brake, the car in gear and he was half naked. The arresting tried several times to shake Villa awake, but didn’t have any luck until he shouted directly in his ear. When he finally roused his colleague, Villa refused to take any tests, saying he was fighting off the effects of the head injury he incurred back in 1998.  Even though Villa reeked of booze, he was not booked, but was driven to his home to sleep it off.

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