Tuesday 12/18

A Vir­ginia Beach man went for a run the other morn­ing and was joined by an unusual jog­ging part­ner … an emu. Accord­ing to ani­mal shel­ter super­vi­sor Wayne Gilbert, his office received a num­ber of calls after peo­ple saw the big bird run­ning along­side the jog­ger. Turns out the emu, sim­ply wan­dered away from its home. Ani­mal con­trol offi­cers located the bird, which was returned to its owner.

Florida man, 33-year-old Charles Nel­son appar­ently showed up at a linen ser­vice com­pany in the mid­dle of the night ask­ing about a job. When an employee told him there weren’t any Nel­son pulled a rusty knife on him. Employ­ees at Florida’s Finest Linen Ser­vice called police, and Nel­son was arrested a short time later on charges of aggra­vated assault and car­ry­ing a con­cealed weapon.  A sim­ple resume would have been sufficient.

Police say 43-year-old Stephanie Souza, of War­wick, was stopped while dri­ving Cranston and a chem­i­cal test on her indi­cated she’d been dri­ving under the influ­ence. Well, they gave her hus­band a call to come and get her and HE got pulled over on the way there!  Turns out that 44-year-old Michael Souza was orig­i­nally pulled over for a motor vehi­cle vio­la­tion but it turns out a chem­i­cal test done on him also indi­cated he too dri­ving under the influence.

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