Tuesday 12/20

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Inked on the inside – A British woman discovered that the pen is mightier than the stomach after going to her doctor over some gastric distress and finding she had swallowed one — more than two decades ago.  Not only was the thing in one piece, it actually still worked! The 76-year-old was baffled at first, but then remembered swallowing the writing implement when she fell down with it in her mouth. X-rays done at the time were normal, but improved technology resulted in the pen being spotted and removed when she went in to complain of severe cramps

2 + 2 = stupid – An upstate New York 12-year-old, allegedly broke the window at an auction house in the town of Liberty and stole several items, including jewelry, cell phones and video games. He’s now facing felony charges.  How’s they find out he was the criminal?   He left his math homework at the scene!  If only he managed to convince his dog to eat that homework

Is it a plant, tree or dirtbag – A 17-year-old, was nabbed by cops after a nursery owner noticed a slew of missing trees and accessories. The trail was easily followed by police, who simply followed a trail of shed tree needles from the nursery right to his front door.  As a bonus, the responding officers found a thriving pot farm at the lad’s address as well.

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