Tuesday 12/20

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Inked on the inside - A British woman dis­cov­ered that the pen is might­ier than the stom­ach after going to her doc­tor over some gas­tric dis­tress and find­ing she had swal­lowed one — more than two decades ago.  Not only was the thing in one piece, it actu­ally still worked! The 76-year-old was baf­fled at first, but then remem­bered swal­low­ing the writ­ing imple­ment when she fell down with it in her mouth. X-rays done at the time were nor­mal, but improved tech­nol­ogy resulted in the pen being spot­ted and removed when she went in to com­plain of severe cramps

2 + 2 = stu­pid - An upstate New York 12-year-old, allegedly broke the win­dow at an auc­tion house in the town of Lib­erty and stole sev­eral items, includ­ing jew­elry, cell phones and video games. He’s now fac­ing felony charges.  How’s they find out he was the crim­i­nal?   He left his math home­work at the scene!  If only he man­aged to con­vince his dog to eat that homework

Is it a plant, tree or dirt­bag - A 17-year-old, was nabbed by cops after a nurs­ery owner noticed a slew of miss­ing trees and acces­sories. The trail was eas­ily fol­lowed by police, who sim­ply fol­lowed a trail of shed tree nee­dles from the nurs­ery right to his front door.  As a bonus, the respond­ing offi­cers found a thriv­ing pot farm at the lad’s address as well.

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