Tuesday 12/27

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Obvi­ously this was a good idea - An Ore­gon state trooper says he was giv­ing chase at more than 100 mph when sus­pects in the car ahead ripped open half-pound bags of mar­i­juana and began fling­ing it out of the win­dow. Trooper Clay Core said that the pot was “pelt­ing my car!”  Even­tu­ally, the car stopped, and offi­cers detained two Wash­ing­ton state men. Between the car and what offi­cers found along the inter­state, Core says, five pounds of pot was retrieved.  And, Core says, offi­cers worked for 2 days to make sure they picked up all of it.

The worst kind of sav­ings account - Good­will spokes­woman Dana Engel­bert said an 80 year old Moline, IL man, who asked not to be iden­ti­fied, donated a suit to a local Good­will store and real­ized about a week later that his life sav­ings, about $13,000, had been in the pock­ets. “We’re sort­ing through the dona­tions that came in at the time,” Engel­bert said. She said the store was searched and work­ers are look­ing through dona­tions from the loca­tion that were shipped to anIowa City ware­house. How­ever, she said the suit may have already been sold.

Right back at cha’ - Two peo­ple cited for allegedly shoplift­ing in Ogden,Utah, in turn dis­cov­ered just min­utes later they were vic­tims of theft, police said. Korin Van­houten, 47 and Eldon Alexan­der, 36, were stopped shortly after leav­ing a WinCo by a police offi­cer who sus­pected they left with­out pay­ing for cot­ton swabs, makeup and bat­ter­ies. After being sited for shoplift­ing, the pair returned to Alexander’s pickup truck in the store’s park­ing lot, they noticed some­one had entered the unlocked truck and stole a stereo ampli­fier, a drum machine and cig­a­rettes.  Police Lt. Tony Fox said he had never seen any­thing like it in his entire career. The items the two were sus­pected of shoplift­ing were worth $26, while the worth of their stolen pos­ses­sions was about $60, Fox esti­mated. Police were investigating.

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