Tuesday 12/27

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Obviously this was a good idea – An Oregon state trooper says he was giving chase at more than 100 mph when suspects in the car ahead ripped open half-pound bags of marijuana and began flinging it out of the window. Trooper Clay Core said that the pot was “pelting my car!”  Eventually, the car stopped, and officers detained two Washington state men. Between the car and what officers found along the interstate, Core says, five pounds of pot was retrieved.  And, Core says, officers worked for 2 days to make sure they picked up all of it.

The worst kind of savings account – Goodwill spokeswoman Dana Engelbert said an 80 year old Moline, IL man, who asked not to be identified, donated a suit to a local Goodwill store and realized about a week later that his life savings, about $13,000, had been in the pockets. “We’re sorting through the donations that came in at the time,” Engelbert said. She said the store was searched and workers are looking through donations from the location that were shipped to anIowa City warehouse. However, she said the suit may have already been sold.

Right back at cha’ – Two people cited for allegedly shoplifting in Ogden,Utah, in turn discovered just minutes later they were victims of theft, police said. Korin Vanhouten, 47 and Eldon Alexander, 36, were stopped shortly after leaving a WinCo by a police officer who suspected they left without paying for cotton swabs, makeup and batteries. After being sited for shoplifting, the pair returned to Alexander’s pickup truck in the store’s parking lot, they noticed someone had entered the unlocked truck and stole a stereo amplifier, a drum machine and cigarettes.  Police Lt. Tony Fox said he had never seen anything like it in his entire career. The items the two were suspected of shoplifting were worth $26, while the worth of their stolen possessions was about $60, Fox estimated. Police were investigating.

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