Tuesday 12/4

A Georgia mom’s daughter had an Unhappy Meal after the four-year-old nearly pierced her tongue on a nose ring that turned up inside a fast-food breakfast burrito!  Frances Rosario says she’d bought the breakfast burrito at a local McDonald’s and was sitting with the little girl as she ate – when she noticed something shiny in the tortilla. When she went in to check, she saw that it was part of a nose ring, but when she checked inside the restaurant, no one would take responsibility. She got no satisfaction from contacting the chain’s corporate headquarters, either.

Police are grilling a Las Vegas man who caused a heated situation at a restaurant. Obdulio Gudiel of Las Vegas was arrested and accused of attempted robbery with the use of a deadly weapon after he allegedly pointed a loaded gun at two men he claims owed a relative money for three used cars.  Cops arrived and the argument spilled over into the restaurant’s kitchen and somehow the gun ended up in the deep fat fryer!  The gun went off and sent a bullet whizzing into a kitchen wall!

A German man dialed up a mess of trouble when he was pulled over on suspicion of drunk driving and tried to call his lawyer – using the cop’s breathalyzer device. Bernhard Becker was clocked at a random checkpoint, where he was asked to blow into the blood alcohol scanner. He took the device, but began speaking into it instead, leading officers to guess that they’d made the right choice in checking him out. A police spokesman says, “We didn’t really need the reading. There aren’t many sober people who’d do that.”

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