Tuesday 1/24

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What a boob – A woman in Thailand decided to use all of her assets to help get her sister off the hook for hit-and-run charges — not by posting bail, but by stripping naked and posing on the roof of her sibling’s car. It took several hours for embarrassed cops to lure Suthathip Khemthong from her perch, where she was drunkenly berating them and demanding freedom for her sister — who allegedly fled the scene after knocking down a man on a motorcycle. The detained sister apologized, saying her sister often acts out while boozed up.

May the throne be with you – Leong Mee Yan sat down on the toilet in her apartment in March of 2009 and spent the next 900 days stuck there — not by Super Glue, but by her own thoughts. She says she felt a strong force holding her there and imagined she’d be pelted with rocks if she tried to leave. She slept and ate all of her meals there, moving only a handful of times so that her husband could help her clean up — a total of 18 showers in two and a half years.

This man asks for directions! – Authorities said Dameon Simpson, 34, and Kyle William Norris, 26, escaped from a pre-release work detail outside Florence, S.C., and the pair stole a sport-utility vehicle and fled to Georgia.  Investigators said the men went to Swanson Auto Buying Service in Lawrenceville and took a $6,000 car for a test drive. The owner of the dealership, Kent Swanson, said he knew they wouldn’t be returning when one of them called 15 minutes later to ask if the vehicle had GPS installed. Officials said Simpson had been due to be released next year from a hit-and-run conviction, and Norris, whose crime was not specified was due to be released in only six months.

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