Tuesday 1/24

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What a boob - A woman in Thai­land decided to use all of her assets to help get her sis­ter off the hook for hit-and-run charges — not by post­ing bail, but by strip­ping naked and pos­ing on the roof of her sibling’s car. It took sev­eral hours for embar­rassed cops to lure Suthathip Khemthong from her perch, where she was drunk­enly berat­ing them and demand­ing free­dom for her sis­ter — who allegedly fled the scene after knock­ing down a man on a motor­cy­cle. The detained sis­ter apol­o­gized, say­ing her sis­ter often acts out while boozed up.

May the throne be with you - Leong Mee Yan sat down on the toi­let in her apart­ment in March of 2009 and spent the next 900 days stuck there — not by Super Glue, but by her own thoughts. She says she felt a strong force hold­ing her there and imag­ined she’d be pelted with rocks if she tried to leave. She slept and ate all of her meals there, mov­ing only a hand­ful of times so that her hus­band could help her clean up — a total of 18 show­ers in two and a half years.

This man asks for direc­tions! - Author­i­ties said Dameon Simp­son, 34, and Kyle William Nor­ris, 26, escaped from a pre-release work detail out­side Flo­rence, S.C., and the pair stole a sport-utility vehi­cle and fled to Geor­gia.  Inves­ti­ga­tors said the men went to Swan­son Auto Buy­ing Ser­vice in Lawrenceville and took a $6,000 car for a test drive. The owner of the deal­er­ship, Kent Swan­son, said he knew they wouldn’t be return­ing when one of them called 15 min­utes later to ask if the vehi­cle had GPS installed. Offi­cials said Simp­son had been due to be released next year from a hit-and-run con­vic­tion, and Nor­ris, whose crime was not spec­i­fied was due to be released in only six months.

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