Tuesday 1/29

car hitting coneA Cleveland-area woman, whose name was not released, got red-flagged for hitting a cone during the maneuvering part of her driving test, which sent her into a fit of rage. She reportedly began shouting that the instructor should’ve warned her what she was doing wrong, and demanded to know where she could go to give it another shot. When she didn’t get any satisfaction, she gunned the engine and aimed at the instructor who had gotten out of the vehicle, but failed to connect – proving a second time that she’s not qualified to be behind the wheel.

An Australian teenager who wanted to “run away from his life” simply left home with basic camping equipment and food supplies, leaving his cell phone behind. He survived nearly 9 weeks in the bush near Sydney before being discovered by hikers, Perth Now reports. Matthew Allen, 18, was highly disoriented, partly blinded, covered in leeches, and suffering from gangrene when first responders winched him to an ambulance. Amazingly, Matthew was just 220 yards away from homes that were blocked from his view. How he survived during record 113-degree heat is unclear, but he drank from a muddy creek as he lost nearly 90 pounds—about half his body weight. He is being treated in a hospital for exposure-related injuries.

Police in South Carolina said they arrested a woman accused of choking a man when he attempted to pull more blanket on top of himself.  Myrtle Beach police said they were called to a home on allegations Tina Berryhill Rucker, 42, had choked a 49-year-old man while they were in bed together and all he wanted to do was stay warm!  He pulled on the blanket and now has signs of being choked and was bleeding on his neck from fingernail marks!  Police said Rucker was intoxicated and uncooperative. Rucker was arrested and charged with domestic violence

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