Tuesday 1/31

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I love you, no matter what you are – A Seattle woman hopes that she’s entering into a marriage with a solid foundation  since she’s planning to tie the knot with a building that’s in danger of demolition. Babylonia Aivaz is among a dozen or so community activists who’ve been trying to save the 107-year-old warehouse from being torn down to make way for luxury condominiums. She said she plans to enter into a “gay marriage” with the building. Aivaz said, “Yes, I’m in love with a 107-year-old building. If corporations can have the same rights as people, so can buildings.”

Finger biter – Police in Windsor,Ontario, said they are searching for a woman who allegedly bit another woman during a road rage-fueled argument. The 41-year-old victim told Windsor Police she was attempting to parallel park in front of her home when a woman stepped out from between two parked cars, sparking an argument about safety.  The driver said she pointed her finger at the woman while telling her it was unsafe to walk into the road from between the two cars and the other woman allegedly grabbed her hand and bit her finger!  The victim received tetanus and hepatitis shots. Police said they are searching for the alleged finger biter.

Not very neighborly – In a strange case of “trading places,” a Florida woman ended up behind bars after deciding to burglarize a neighbor’s empty house. Shellie Leonard broke into the unidentified man’s home and stole a knife, some CDs and the curtains off the windows. But when she came back for a second armload of merchandise, the home’s owner caught her in the act and called cops. She was charged with two counts of burglary.  The twist is that the owner himself was coming home from a stint in the slammer.

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