Tuesday 2/26

A British woman said she was reaching into her glove compartment to fish something out when she got trapped and panicked! A fireman who arrived on the scene said he was able to remove a watch from her wrist, allowing her to wriggle free without harm. A fire department spokesman said, “We don’t train for something exactly like this, but we will always be able get people free somehow.”

chicken soupA Virginia woman made no bones about wanting to press charges after she said someone flew the coop with a chicken that she had stewing in a crock pot while she was away from her house. The woman called 911 to report that someone stole her stewing chicken, but leaving the vegetables and cooking liquid behind in the slow cooker. Cops initially thought a pet might have been involved in the caper, but after grilling the woman, they found that she lived in an animal-free home. A spokesperson for the Arlington police department said, “We suspect ‘fowl’ play.”

An Iowa man could’ve used less inking and more thinking after getting busted for breaking into a lingerie store and stripping stark naked, showing off a tattoo bearing his name, before fleeing the scene with an armful of clothes. Jose Perales busted into the business shortly after four a.m. and walked into the manager’s office, where he shed his threads and began trying on items off the racks. A surveillance video captured the distinctive body ink, as well as images of Perales walking out with a dress, a wig and a bag of other merchandise. Cops matched the tat to images from Perales’ prior mugshots and went to his house, where they found him and the stolen property. He faces a burglary charge that could net him five years behind bars.

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