Tuesday 2/28

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Mystery Wiz – A father got up early Sunday to take care of his dog and his 3-year-old son soon came downstairs and said there was a “ghost” in his bed. The father said he discovered a random drunk man passed out in the bed! He told the newspaper he considered handling the matter without police, but changed his mind when he saw the mystery man had urinated on the mattress. Police said the suspect, whose name was not released, was arrested on a trespassing charge. The father said he will now be locking the doors of his home at night.  So, it’s OK to have a drunk stranger sleeping in your child’s bed but you draw the line when he urinates on the mattress???

So…2 polish guys walk into an airport – Two Polish smugglers were arrested after authorities uncovered their plot to smuggle large amounts of cocaine into England inside containers of tropical fish. The cocaine was dissolved in water and placed inside supposedly leak-proof baggies — some of which leaked, killing dozens of the fish. The men were planning to bring more than 37 pounds of coke into the country, but the scheme unraveled after animal-welfare authorities examined the fish tanks.

Not a finger! – A Florida man, who was attempting to rob a gas station with his finger, got the finger instead.  Jacksonville sheriffs said a man with a plastic bag over his head walked into the gas station and acted like the finger poking inside of his T-shirt was a weapon. He ordered the clerk to “open the register and give me all the money.” The clerk saw that the “weapon” was the dude’s finger and refused to hand over any cash. The would-be robber then tried to get money from another customer … who laughed at him. Officers are looking for the suspect.

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