Tuesday 2/28

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Mys­tery Wiz — A father got up early Sun­day to take care of his dog and his 3-year-old son soon came down­stairs and said there was a “ghost” in his bed. The father said he dis­cov­ered a ran­dom drunk man passed out in the bed! He told the news­pa­per he con­sid­ered han­dling the mat­ter with­out police, but changed his mind when he saw the mys­tery man had uri­nated on the mat­tress. Police said the sus­pect, whose name was not released, was arrested on a tres­pass­ing charge. The father said he will now be lock­ing the doors of his home at night.  So, it’s OK to have a drunk stranger sleep­ing in your child’s bed but you draw the line when he uri­nates on the mattress???

So…2 pol­ish guys walk into an air­port - Two Pol­ish smug­glers were arrested after author­i­ties uncov­ered their plot to smug­gle large amounts of cocaine into Eng­land inside con­tain­ers of trop­i­cal fish. The cocaine was dis­solved in water and placed inside sup­pos­edly leak-proof bag­gies — some of which leaked, killing dozens of the fish. The men were plan­ning to bring more than 37 pounds of coke into the coun­try, but the scheme unrav­eled after animal-welfare author­i­ties exam­ined the fish tanks.

Not a fin­ger! - A Florida man, who was attempt­ing to rob a gas sta­tion with his fin­ger, got the fin­ger instead.  Jack­sonville sher­iffs said a man with a plas­tic bag over his head walked into the gas sta­tion and acted like the fin­ger pok­ing inside of his T-shirt was a weapon. He ordered the clerk to “open the reg­is­ter and give me all the money.” The clerk saw that the “weapon” was the dude’s fin­ger and refused to hand over any cash. The would-be rob­ber then tried to get money from another cus­tomer … who laughed at him. Offi­cers are look­ing for the suspect.

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