Tuesday 3/06

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Buried Alive on pur­pose - Janaka Basnayake’s world record attempt went trag­i­cally and ter­ri­fy­ingly wrong Sat­ur­day: The Sri Lankan man was attempt­ing to set the record for longest time spent buried alive.  Friends and fam­ily helped to bury him in a 10-foot-deep trench sealed with wood and soil around 9:30am, and he was brought to the sur­face, uncon­scious, at 4pm. He was pro­nounced dead shortly there after.  Basnayake’s mother says he had twice buried him­self pre­vi­ously, stay­ing under for two and a half hours once and six hours another time.  What’s tragic is it’s not clear whether a record for longest time buried alive offi­cially exists!

 Bee is for base­ball - A spring train­ing game between the Ari­zona Dia­mond­backs and San Fran­cisco Giants was delayed for 21 min­utes … due to a bee attack! A dark cloud appeared in right field dur­ing the sec­ond inning, send­ing Dia­mond­backs cen­ter fielder Chris Young sprint­ing across the field. The bees then moved toward the right field line then down to the Giants dugout. Two sec­tions of fans near the dugout were evac­u­ated and the bees set­tled in a cam­era well. The grounds crew came up with a sweet solu­tion. They smeared a com­bi­na­tion of concession-stand lemon­ade and cot­ton candy on two util­ity carts and lured the bees away from fans and play­ers. Only one per­son reported being stung.

He’s goin’ mobile - Tim Arnold was liv­ing in an RV park when the man­ager told him he had to leave. Accord­ing to park residents,Arnoldwas some­thing of a trou­ble maker — known for egging people’s homes along with other strange behavior.Arnoldrefused — and locked him­self and his dog inside the mobile home. That’s when the “mobile” part of his home took effect. “Next thing you know, I’m mov­ing,” saidArnold. “I called 911 and I tried to tell them I was going down the high­way in my RV and I don’t know why.“Arnoldsaid he and his trailer were even­tu­ally left off High­way 50.

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