Tuesday 3/06

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Buried Alive on purpose – Janaka Basnayake’s world record attempt went tragically and terrifyingly wrong Saturday: The Sri Lankan man was attempting to set the record for longest time spent buried alive.  Friends and family helped to bury him in a 10-foot-deep trench sealed with wood and soil around 9:30am, and he was brought to the surface, unconscious, at 4pm. He was pronounced dead shortly there after.  Basnayake’s mother says he had twice buried himself previously, staying under for two and a half hours once and six hours another time.  What’s tragic is it’s not clear whether a record for longest time buried alive officially exists!

 Bee is for baseball – A spring training game between the Arizona Diamondbacks and San Francisco Giants was delayed for 21 minutes … due to a bee attack! A dark cloud appeared in right field during the second inning, sending Diamondbacks center fielder Chris Young sprinting across the field. The bees then moved toward the right field line then down to the Giants dugout. Two sections of fans near the dugout were evacuated and the bees settled in a camera well. The grounds crew came up with a sweet solution. They smeared a combination of concession-stand lemonade and cotton candy on two utility carts and lured the bees away from fans and players. Only one person reported being stung.

He’s goin’ mobile – Tim Arnold was living in an RV park when the manager told him he had to leave. According to park residents,Arnoldwas something of a trouble maker — known for egging people’s homes along with other strange behavior.Arnoldrefused — and locked himself and his dog inside the mobile home. That’s when the “mobile” part of his home took effect. “Next thing you know, I’m moving,” saidArnold. “I called 911 and I tried to tell them I was going down the highway in my RV and I don’t know why.”Arnoldsaid he and his trailer were eventually left off Highway 50.

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