Tuesday 3/13


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Act­ing a bit buggy - Just because they drive bug­gies instead of cars doesn’t mean Amish kids can’t get into trou­ble. Four were arrested and charged with ille­gal pos­ses­sion of alco­hol last night after their buggy crashed directly into a police car! At the time, police were respond­ing to a report that peo­ple were drink­ing in a few bug­gies on a coun­try road in west­ern New York.  And it sounds like quite the crash: One of the bug­gies changed lanes as police approached, and smacked into the cruiser … then flipped on its side. One of the buggy occu­pants expe­ri­enced minor injuries. The most amus­ing line of the arti­cle: “Police say sev­eral other bug­gies fled the scene.”

That’s not my name - Steven Mul­hall was in court to make a pro­ba­tion appear­ance on a pre­vi­ous charge when he saw a brass name plate belong­ing to a cir­cuit court judge and couldn’t resist steal­ing it. He might’ve got­ten away with the theft had he not imme­di­ately posted a smirk­ing photo on Face­book. Judge Michael Orlando called Mul­hall “an idiot.” He vio­lated the terms of his parole by steal­ing, from a judge he appeared before, no less. He’s got mul­ti­ple con­vic­tions for petty theft, so now this is a felony.”

In Deep Ship — Mar­i­lyn How­ell packed up a nice care pack­age full of batches of pre­scrip­tion drugs & psy­che­delic mush­rooms to ship off to her daugh­ter in CO. Just to be safe, she used a fake return address — but neglected to put on the proper postage, thus get­ting the pack­age returned to the unsus­pect­ing folks at that address.  When that per­son opened the sur­prise pack­age, he turned it over to cops, who launched an inves­ti­ga­tion that led to How­ell — who had a house full of mind-altering substances.

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