Tuesday 3/20

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A mighty Rum­ble - Lisa Kuss, admin­is­tra­tor for Clin­tonville, a town of about 4,700 peo­ple, said res­i­dents liv­ing within a 6-block radius on the north­east side reported thunder-like noises that caused their homes to shake at about 8:30 p.m. Sun­day, peaked between 2 a.m. and 3 a.m. Mon­day, and con­tin­ued beyond 7 a.m.  The admin­is­tra­tor said offi­cials have ruled out a nat­ural gas or propane leak under­ground and there was no indi­ca­tion of seis­mic activ­ity in the area. She said inves­ti­ga­tors also checked out local fac­to­ries, but found noth­ing to account for the phenomenon.

They’ll never notice with this junk! — Joshua O’Shea was naked from the waist down when the home­owner walked down­stairs and found him, “extremely intox­i­cated,” in her liv­ing room. The woman and her boyfriend tried to sub­due O’Shea by hit­ting him with a high chair, which shat­tered — but he fought on, ulti­mately grab­bing a pair of sweat­pants. Police appre­hended him on the street moments later.   

A uni­formly bad idea - A police offi­cer inMem­phis is in big trou­ble after putting out an all points bul­letin about his love life — by broad­cast­ing an inti­mate encounter over his cruiser’s radio. Dion Anthony was get­ting busy in his car when he tripped the broad­cast func­tion on his radio and treated any­one with a scan­ner to an X-rated lis­ten­ing ses­sion. He’s been sus­pended with­out pay and his humility.

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