Tuesday 4/10

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Bad Aim – Janee Young, is charged with pepper-spraying her infant son in the face. But it seems that Young isn’t just another case of a bad parent taking out anger on an innocent child: Rather, she just has really rotten aim. What Young was trying to do was spray the boy’s father, with whom she’d been arguing, as he tried to leave the house with the boy, police tell the Houston Chronicle.

 Clean Air Act – The mayor of one Spanish town has proposed legislation that he hopes will help the cause of gas conservation — by making it illegal for his constituents to pass it. Julian Atienza Garcia drew up what he calls a “courtesy charter,” which would make it illegal to belch or break wind in public, criminalize nose picking and sneezing without covering your mouth and mandate a “please” and “thank you” when dealing with the public. Most of the residents of La Toba like the proposal, although one critic said his next step would be to “insert microchips in everyone’s brain to control them.”  I’m guessing that person is the town’s trouble maker. 

Adjusting route for traffic – Assistant State’s Attorney Wendy Caceres said Raymond Jefferson, 20, who was wielding a handgun, and two unarmed accomplices tied up workers and customers at a Radio Shack store and took items that included cellphones, iPads, Kindles and a GPS device, totaling $17,000. Jefferson should have left the GPS back at the store because he was arrested about 2 hours after the crime by officers who located him through the unit. Jefferson, who was identified by witnesses, was charged with armed robbery and aggravated kidnapping.

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