Tuesday 4/10

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Bad Aim - Janee Young, is charged with pepper-spraying her infant son in the face. But it seems that Young isn’t just another case of a bad par­ent tak­ing out anger on an inno­cent child: Rather, she just has really rot­ten aim. What Young was try­ing to do was spray the boy’s father, with whom she’d been argu­ing, as he tried to leave the house with the boy, police tell the Hous­ton Chronicle.

 Clean Air Act - The mayor of one Span­ish town has pro­posed leg­is­la­tion that he hopes will help the cause of gas con­ser­va­tion — by mak­ing it ille­gal for his con­stituents to pass it. Julian Atienza Gar­cia drew up what he calls a “cour­tesy char­ter,” which would make it ille­gal to belch or break wind in pub­lic, crim­i­nal­ize nose pick­ing and sneez­ing with­out cov­er­ing your mouth and man­date a “please” and “thank you” when deal­ing with the pub­lic. Most of the res­i­dents of La Toba like the pro­posal, although one critic said his next step would be to “insert microchips in everyone’s brain to con­trol them.”  I’m guess­ing that per­son is the town’s trou­ble maker. 

Adjust­ing route for traf­fic - Assis­tant State’s Attor­ney Wendy Cac­eres said Ray­mond Jef­fer­son, 20, who was wield­ing a hand­gun, and two unarmed accom­plices tied up work­ers and cus­tomers at a Radio Shack store and took items that included cell­phones, iPads, Kin­dles and a GPS device, total­ing $17,000. Jef­fer­son should have left the GPS back at the store because he was arrested about 2 hours after the crime by offi­cers who located him through the unit. Jef­fer­son, who was iden­ti­fied by wit­nesses, was charged with armed rob­bery and aggra­vated kidnapping.

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