Tuesday 4/17

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I don’t see what the prob­lem is - Police in Italy said they arrested a woman accused of receiv­ing about $143,900 in ben­e­fits by falsely claim­ing to be blind.  Author­i­ties said inves­ti­ga­tors filmed her going about her daily busi­ness with­out any blindness-related dif­fi­culty or assis­tance. The woman will have to repay the ben­e­fits, which she began receiv­ing in 1979, police said.

A “lather” naked bust - It all sounded like a good night.  Cook some food, drink some cham­pagne and head into the shower before a good night’s sleep.  There was only one big prob­lem for Micheal Calvert…he wasn’t in his own home and he didn’t even know the home­own­ers!  So, when the home­own­ers returned they called 911 after and hear­ing some­one in the shower.  While Calvert lath­ered up in the shower the cops burst in and he was arrested at gun­point.   I don’t know what would be more embarrassing…being naked in front of cops or know­ing you were trespassing…and naked in front of cops.

An explo­sive work­out  - A weightlifter in Modesto, Cal­i­for­nia, told Modesto police he was lift­ing in his home when he dropped a weight.  Unfor­tu­natly, it landed on a .22-caliber bul­let and pumped some led into him­self because the bul­let exploded!  Police say the man’s story is sus­pi­cious, but not impos­si­ble.  Who has bul­lets just lying around the house?? 

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