Tuesday 4/17

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I don’t see what the problem is – Police in Italy said they arrested a woman accused of receiving about $143,900 in benefits by falsely claiming to be blind.  Authorities said investigators filmed her going about her daily business without any blindness-related difficulty or assistance. The woman will have to repay the benefits, which she began receiving in 1979, police said.

A “lather” naked bust – It all sounded like a good night.  Cook some food, drink some champagne and head into the shower before a good night’s sleep.  There was only one big problem for Micheal Calvert…he wasn’t in his own home and he didn’t even know the homeowners!  So, when the homeowners returned they called 911 after and hearing someone in the shower.  While Calvert lathered up in the shower the cops burst in and he was arrested at gunpoint.   I don’t know what would be more embarrassing…being naked in front of cops or knowing you were trespassing…and naked in front of cops.

An explosive workout  – A weightlifter in Modesto, California, told Modesto police he was lifting in his home when he dropped a weight.  Unfortunatly, it landed on a .22-caliber bullet and pumped some led into himself because the bullet exploded!  Police say the man’s story is suspicious, but not impossible.  Who has bullets just lying around the house?? 

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