Tuesday 4/3

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When he’s right, he’s right – A Kansas man who quipped to a pal that he was more likely to be struck by lightning than to buy a winning Mega Millions lottery ticket turned out to be exactly right. Unlucky Bill Isles, was struck by a bolt of lightning in the backyard of his Wichitahome within hours of buying three tickets in the Mega Millions game! Isles, who is a volunteer weather spotter for the National Weather Service,
managed to use his portable ham radio to signal for help. He was kept in a local hospital overnight, but apparently suffered no permanent effects.

The mail service has gone to pot – Neither rain nor snow nor sleet could keep a Florida mail carrier from using her route as a pot delivery service — but her bosses finally managed to get in the way of her appointed rounds. Veronica Johnson says she collected $200 for every package she transported over the course of several months. But last week, supervisors got suspicious about one 10-pound box and contacted cops, who set up a sting operation. She went to the address she was given, but as soon as she opened the trunk of her car to reveal the goods, she got popped for felony possession.

Animal instinct a bust – A pair of British policemen ended up having a really “ruff” day after busting out the window of a luxury car.  The officers, jumped into action after a pedestrian notified them that there was a pooch inside a totally sealed Mercedes. When they tapped on the glass to rouse it, they got no results and sprang into action, causing hundreds of dollars in damage only to find out it was a stuffed animal! The car’s owner returned to his car to find the backseat covered in broken glass and an official note that read, “Smashed your window in concern for animal on rear seat.” The police have agreed to cover all costs.

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