Tuesday 5/15

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The wind­shield of Michelle Hig­gins’ car was smashed and the roof was ripped open by the col­li­sion with a moose! When she arrived at work Hig­gins says that her co work­ers came run­ning out­side to ask if she was OK but she was con­fused and asked “why?”  Michelle was bleed­ing and her car was smashed and she had no rec­ol­lec­tion of the crash.  She had a big scuff mark on her fore­head that she believes came from the moose’s hoof and she was badly bruised with 2 frac­tured neck bones.  The moose died.

The par­ents of stu­dents at Wood­berry Pub­lic School, north of Syd­ney AUS, said they were shocked when they spot­ted the provoca­tively shaped can­dies at a Mother’s Day event at the school!  Cas­san­dra Lacey, whose two sons attend the school said, “Every sin­gle choco­late was to do with sex like choco­late boo­bies and other body “parts.” The school says that the gifts were pre­pared by par­ents, for par­ent.  A Depart­ment of Edu­ca­tion and Com­mu­ni­ties spokesman said the choco­lates were not pro­vided by school offi­cials. School coun­cil Pres­i­dent Jenny Gray said the offi­cial respon­si­ble for the choco­lates has resigned.

Face­book is a great way to keep tabs on where your pals have been spend­ing their time, as an armed rob­ber in Colom­bia found out — by fail­ing to log off his account while rob­bing an inter­net cafe. The crook and an accom­plice sat down at com­put­ers in the cafe and pro­ceeded to spend some time pound­ing the keys — only to stand up after a few min­utes, pull out weapons and demand that the clerk empty the cash reg­is­ter. Cops arrived after the two men had fled, but dis­cov­ered that one had left his Face­book page up on the screen lead­ing to their arrests.

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