Tuesday 5/15

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The windshield of Michelle Higgins’ car was smashed and the roof was ripped open by the collision with a moose! When she arrived at work Higgins says that her co workers came running outside to ask if she was OK but she was confused and asked “why?”  Michelle was bleeding and her car was smashed and she had no recollection of the crash.  She had a big scuff mark on her forehead that she believes came from the moose’s hoof and she was badly bruised with 2 fractured neck bones.  The moose died.

The parents of students at Woodberry Public School, north of Sydney AUS, said they were shocked when they spotted the provocatively shaped candies at a Mother’s Day event at the school!  Cassandra Lacey, whose two sons attend the school said, “Every single chocolate was to do with sex like chocolate boobies and other body “parts.” The school says that the gifts were prepared by parents, for parent.  A Department of Education and Communities spokesman said the chocolates were not provided by school officials. School council President Jenny Gray said the official responsible for the chocolates has resigned.

Facebook is a great way to keep tabs on where your pals have been spending their time, as an armed robber in Colombia found out — by failing to log off his account while robbing an internet cafe. The crook and an accomplice sat down at computers in the cafe and proceeded to spend some time pounding the keys — only to stand up after a few minutes, pull out weapons and demand that the clerk empty the cash register. Cops arrived after the two men had fled, but discovered that one had left his Facebook page up on the screen leading to their arrests.

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