Tuesday 5/22

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Imagine you’re out on the ocean in your boat for a nice lazy day of relaxation.  All of a sudden a GIANT floating barrage of marijuana floats towards you.  I’m not talking just alittle.  We’re talking 3 ½ tons!  This boater spotted 160 bales of pot around noon Sunday about 15 miles off the coast of CA.County authorities and the Coast Guard sent turned it over to the U.S. Border Patrol. They say it’s unclear who dumped the pot, which together weighs about 7,000 pounds and has an estimated street value of $3 million. Authorities say there was no boat in sight and they didn’t get any distress calls from a vessel.  Yeah, a dealer with that much dope is gonna put out a distress call!

How would you like to be this kid? Officials say a fire alarm that went off at a Connecticuthigh school was activated by a student’s “overabundance” of body spray in a locker room. Firefighters were called to Middletown High School shortly after 3 p.m. and allowed students and teachers to return to the building shortly after. Officials deemed the call a “routine accidental.”  I guess it’s better then letting one rip and setting off the fire alarm!

19-year-old Chandler Rose was boozing it up at a house party when cops decided to stage a raid. Fearing he’d be arrested, Rose hid in a dryer — where officers spotted him and thought it would be amusing to turn the thing on. The teen recalls being pulled out of the dryer for questioning, but says, “I was unconscious and I couldn’t talk very good.” He’s hired a lawyer to do the talking for him because the cops “acted like a bunch of immature high schoolers.” I hate to say it but even your high school friends would have pulled that!  How could you resist if he just hands over the perfect gag?  

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