Tuesday 5/22

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Imag­ine you’re out on the ocean in your boat for a nice lazy day of relax­ation.  All of a sud­den a GIANT float­ing bar­rage of mar­i­juana floats towards you.  I’m not talk­ing just alit­tle.  We’re talk­ing 3 ½ tons!  This boater spot­ted 160 bales of pot around noon Sun­day about 15 miles off the coast of CA.County author­i­ties and the Coast Guard sent turned it over to the U.S. Bor­der Patrol. They say it’s unclear who dumped the pot, which together weighs about 7,000 pounds and has an esti­mated street value of $3 mil­lion. Author­i­ties say there was no boat in sight and they didn’t get any dis­tress calls from a ves­sel.  Yeah, a dealer with that much dope is gonna put out a dis­tress call!

How would you like to be this kid? Offi­cials say a fire alarm that went off at a Con­necti­cuthigh school was acti­vated by a student’s “over­abun­dance” of body spray in a locker room. Fire­fight­ers were called to Mid­dle­town High School shortly after 3 p.m. and allowed stu­dents and teach­ers to return to the build­ing shortly after. Offi­cials deemed the call a “rou­tine acci­den­tal.”  I guess it’s bet­ter then let­ting one rip and set­ting off the fire alarm!

19-year-old Chan­dler Rose was booz­ing it up at a house party when cops decided to stage a raid. Fear­ing he’d be arrested, Rose hid in a dryer — where offi­cers spot­ted him and thought it would be amus­ing to turn the thing on. The teen recalls being pulled out of the dryer for ques­tion­ing, but says, “I was uncon­scious and I couldn’t talk very good.” He’s hired a lawyer to do the talk­ing for him because the cops “acted like a bunch of imma­ture high school­ers.” I hate to say it but even your high school friends would have pulled that!  How could you resist if he just hands over the per­fect gag?  

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