Tuesday 5/29

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A Texas teenager whose name was not released, placed an order at a Cor­pus Christi taco stand, then real­ized he’d be late for school and nixed the whole deal. He walked out, but ended up hav­ing to make a run for the bor­der when a man in a pickup truck started bar­rel­ing down on him. Dri­ver Guillermo Tor­res missed and ended up crash­ing into a nearby busi­ness, then chased the teen down and punched him in the face. Turns out he was a rel­a­tive of the taco stand owner!  He now faces assault charges.

A man in Israel says he can’t sleep in his bed­room because his wife’s hun­dreds of cats (550) are all over the bed. He also claims he can’t get into the bath­room or the kitchen because there are cats every­where. And when he tries to sit at the table to eat, the cats jump up and steal his food. The cou­ple tried to avoid a divorce — but the wife refused to let go of any of her cats … and decided to let him go instead.

Katy McCaf­frey, who said her phone was stolen dur­ing a ride on the Dis­ney Won­der cruise ship, said the sus­pected thief, a worker on the ship, appar­ently did not know how to turn off the iCloud func­tion, which auto­mat­i­cally sends pic­tures taken with the phone to McCaffrey’s com­puter.  McCaf­frey said she iden­ti­fied the sus­pect by read­ing his name tag in one of the pho­tos he took and he posted his pic­tures to Face­book in an album titled “Stolen iPhone Adven­tures. “Dis­ney Cruises said the employee has been placed on “admin­is­tra­tive leave.”

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