Tuesday 5/29

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A Texas teenager whose name was not released, placed an order at a Corpus Christi taco stand, then realized he’d be late for school and nixed the whole deal. He walked out, but ended up having to make a run for the border when a man in a pickup truck started barreling down on him. Driver Guillermo Torres missed and ended up crashing into a nearby business, then chased the teen down and punched him in the face. Turns out he was a relative of the taco stand owner!  He now faces assault charges.

A man in Israel says he can’t sleep in his bedroom because his wife’s hundreds of cats (550) are all over the bed. He also claims he can’t get into the bathroom or the kitchen because there are cats everywhere. And when he tries to sit at the table to eat, the cats jump up and steal his food. The couple tried to avoid a divorce — but the wife refused to let go of any of her cats … and decided to let him go instead.

Katy McCaffrey, who said her phone was stolen during a ride on the Disney Wonder cruise ship, said the suspected thief, a worker on the ship, apparently did not know how to turn off the iCloud function, which automatically sends pictures taken with the phone to McCaffrey’s computer.  McCaffrey said she identified the suspect by reading his name tag in one of the photos he took and he posted his pictures to Facebook in an album titled “Stolen iPhone Adventures. “Disney Cruises said the employee has been placed on “administrative leave.”

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