Tuesday 5/8


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Police in Nashville have busted a 14-year-old boy they believe caused a crime wave in the north of the city single-handedly. The teen—described by police as an “inno­v­a­tive individual”—is believed to have been behind more than 100 rob­beries over the last two years in which he kicked in back doors and stole TVs, video games, and what­ever else he could grab before mak­ing his get­away in a go-kart, the New York Daily News reports. The teen was arrested after he was spot­ted prowl­ing through a back alley and has been charged in juve­nile court with aggra­vated bur­glary, bur­glary, theft, pos­ses­sion of bur­glary tools, and loi­ter­ing dur­ing school hours.

A sheriff’s deputy in South Car­olina ended up run­ning on empty after a boozy ride ended with him los­ing con­trol of both his car and his blad­der.  Nicholas Wag­ner wasn’t seri­ously injured but did take out 10 feet of guard rail in the wreck, which he tried to explain by say­ing he’d just had a bad night. When deputies began to ques­tion Wag­ner, one of them noticed a strong smell of alco­hol and a wet spot on the front of his pants, which he admit­ted was the result of him soil­ing him­self at some point in the evening. Wagner’s gun was con­fis­cated, and he was put on admin­is­tra­tive leave.

Bring­ing weed or dope-smoking para­pher­na­lia to a large gath­er­ing is gen­er­ally a bad idea, see­ing as you often find cops there. Of course, if that large gath­er­ing is being held at the Ver­mont­Po­liceA­cad­emy, those odds increase ten­fold, mov­ing the idea to the “down­right stu­pid” cat­e­gory! Unfor­tu­nately for Michelle Bac­hand, of Lyn­donville, Vt., com­mon sense seemed to evade her last Fri­day when the 26-year-old dis­patcher allegedly showed up to an employee train­ing ses­sion at the Ver­mont Police Acad­emy car­ry­ing mar­i­juana. Not sur­pris­ingly, she was escorted from the ses­sion and out of her posi­tion with law enforce­ment, accord­ing to police.


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