Tuesday 6/12

At a toll booth in East China a dri­ver had been pulled over for hav­ing no licence plates on his car. As the traf­fic offi­cer approached his car, the dri­ver accel­er­ated. The offi­cer jumped onto the hood to avoid being run over, and was taken for a ride that lasted some 200 metres. A pass­ing SUV man­aged to block the high­way so police could stop the car and arrest the dri­ver. The man was found with­out a driver’s licence, and he had report­edly removed the plates to avoid being identified.

 A Swedish polit­i­cal party is mak­ing a splash by stand­ing behind a new pro­posal that asks every­one to sit — while uri­nat­ing, that is. Coun­cil mem­bers rep­re­sent­ing the Left Party in Sorm­land have pro­posed a bill to limit the num­ber of stand-up toi­lets in pub­lic bath­rooms — which are all uni­sex in Swe­den. They want labels to be posted at first, fol­lowed by an out­right ban on stand­ing to pee. The measure’s pro­po­nents cite elim­i­na­tion of pud­dles as one ben­e­fit, but also point to stud­ies say­ing that sit­ting reduces the risk of prostate prob­lems and lead­ing to a health­ier and longer sex life.

Phillip Bernard came to Judge Lil­lian Sing’s court­room hav­ing failed to fol­low the rules of his pro­ba­tion for car theft, but the judge was feel­ing char­i­ta­ble and let him off with only a warn­ing. As soon as he got the good news, Bernard left the build­ing, took a weighted sock from his bag and smashed the win­dow of Judge Sing’s car in an attempt to jack it.  Need­less to say, this time the judge won’t be so nice.

Unknown source