Tuesday 6/12

At a toll booth in East China a driver had been pulled over for having no licence plates on his car. As the traffic officer approached his car, the driver accelerated. The officer jumped onto the hood to avoid being run over, and was taken for a ride that lasted some 200 metres. A passing SUV managed to block the highway so police could stop the car and arrest the driver. The man was found without a driver’s licence, and he had reportedly removed the plates to avoid being identified.

 A Swedish political party is making a splash by standing behind a new proposal that asks everyone to sit — while urinating, that is. Council members representing the Left Party in Sormland have proposed a bill to limit the number of stand-up toilets in public bathrooms — which are all unisex in Sweden. They want labels to be posted at first, followed by an outright ban on standing to pee. The measure’s proponents cite elimination of puddles as one benefit, but also point to studies saying that sitting reduces the risk of prostate problems and leading to a healthier and longer sex life.

Phillip Bernard came to Judge Lillian Sing’s courtroom having failed to follow the rules of his probation for car theft, but the judge was feeling charitable and let him off with only a warning. As soon as he got the good news, Bernard left the building, took a weighted sock from his bag and smashed the window of Judge Sing’s car in an attempt to jack it.  Needless to say, this time the judge won’t be so nice.

Unknown source