Tuesday 6/26

A Swedish woman learned the meaning of dead on arrival after she had to take an overnight flight. Lena Pettersson said the man sitting next to her was having seizures before the Kenya Airways flight departed from Amsterdam  − but the plane took off anyway. He died a few hours later while the plane was in the air. Pettersson asked to move, but was told there were no seats available − so she had to sit next to the dead man for the rest of the flight.  The airline eventually apologized and gave her a refund of $713 − about half of the cost of her ticket. Which will probably go to therapy! 

Police in Ohio are searching for a man who can’t resist the flavor combination of chocolate and peanut butter. The suspect has stolen some $600 worth of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups and chips from a gas station over the past several months. Lorain police said the man with the munchies has been showing up at the same Sunoco gas station, usually after midnight, and running off with the snacks before clerks can contact police.

An Alaska man trying to get a leg up on his exercise routine by climbing a tree wound up hanging by a leg after getting stuck. Fairbanks firefighters had to use a ladder truck to reach the tree climber, who was dangling upside-down nearly 30 feet off the ground. The 53-year-old man told firefighters he made the decision to climb the tree because “it was something he wanted to do.” Luckily he had a cellphone with him and was able to call a friend — who alerted authorities.

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