Tuesday 7/24

Tim­o­thy Cour­tois, 49, was dri­ving 112 mph on the Maine Turn­pike with an AK-47 assault weapon, four hand­guns, and sev­eral boxes of ammo and news­pa­per clip­pings about Colorado’s Dark Knight Rises mas­sacre when he was nabbed. He boasted to cops he had just attended a show­ing of the Bat­man film pack­ing a loaded gun and now he was on his way to New Hamp­shire to shoot a for­mer boss! Cops searched his Bid­de­ford home and found a machine gun, sev­eral addi­tional guns, and thou­sands of rounds of ammu­ni­tion. “We don’t know what his true inten­tions were” at the movie the­ater, the police spokesman told the Ban­gor Daily News. The FBI and the ATF are aid­ing in the investigation.


Tonya Ann Fowler called 911 in an agi­tated state after she saw a copy of Bad and Busted and laid eyes on her book­ing photo from a prior tres­pass­ing charge. She didn’t make the call her pic­ture had been posted but because she looked awful and wanted a redo!  Despite being told that the num­ber was reserved for peo­ple report­ing actual emer­gen­cies, she refused to cut the call short, lead­ing cops to head out and take her into cus­tody for dis­or­derly con­duct and mis­use of 911. No word if she got her redo.


Police in Florida respond­ing to a fatal hit-and-run involv­ing a pedes­trian ques­tioned a dri­ver at the scene, who denied all knowl­edge of what hap­pened. The cops smelled alco­hol on the man’s breath and got sus­pi­cious. They also spot­ted dam­age on his car and started to put two and two together.  They decided to do a lit­tle more research and got video from a nearby con­ve­nience store.  It showed that the man had recently parked there, stepped out and checked his car for dam­age.  Went into the store and bought alco­hol and inspected his car again before dri­ving away. Richard S. Schen­field, 21, has been charged with leav­ing the scene of an acci­dent with a fatality.

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