Tuesday 7/31

An Illinois woman was arrested for making a six-pack of 911 calls to complain that her boyfriend refused to provide her with a six-pack of beer. Shannon White dialed the emergency number to report that her boyfriend thought she’d had enough to drink, and refused to give her another brewski. When that call didn’t elicit a response from authorities, White tried again … and again … until cops finally did swing by her place – to bust her on charges of disorderly conduct and false use of 911.

All he did was ask them to pipe down. But when Ralph Carnegary made his request to a group of rowdy women on a New York subway, they allegedly stabbed him in the shoulder! Carnegary, a 63-year-old vendor, was heading to work when he encountered the women, aged 17 to 20. Arrested outside the 23rd Street station—while holding beers—they screamed that they “didn’t do anything,” a witness said. Carnegary is in stable condition at Bellevue hospital.

An Australian man is recovering after nearly blowing his butt clear off his body by stuffing it with fireworks. The 23-year-old, who was not identified, suffered severe burns to his buttocks and genitals after placing firecrackers between his cheeks and lighting the fuse. While he was in control enough to take himself to the hospital after the incident, a police spokesman says he believes that alcohol might have been a factor in the lame decision.  Sergeant Garry Smith also noted, “Apparently [the firecrackers] are not designed for that particular placement.”

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