Tuesday 8/14

In Colorado, a black bear broke into a candy store and chowed down on English toffee, caramel-dipped cookies and milk chocolate “cookie bears.” Surveillance video shows the bear making seven trips into and out of the store in roughly 15 minutes. He left for good after a passing car scared him away.

“Mommy it’s Superman!” “No son, it’s a drunk in tights.” That was the reaction of pedestrians in the town of Lulea, Sweden, where a guy dressed as the Man of Steel was spotted stumbling around a shopping mall in a stupor, alarming visitors who were no doubt concerned about the mess he might leave while changing his threads in a phone booth. The man, who was not identified by name, was determined to be too drunk to care for himself, but not harmful enough to be charged – so he was taken to the police station to sleep off his bender. After being released, the man downed another glass or two of Kryptonite, and was kicked out of a restaurant for another drunken display – but still managed to avoid charges.

“‘Till death do we part,” indeed! PA woman Na Cola Darcel Franklin and fiancé Billy Rafael Brewster apparently got into an argument the night before theirwedding. Despite the presence of other family members, including the couple’s children, Na Cola allegedly stabbed Billy twice, with one wound puncturing his heart! He was pronounced dead at 3:24 am. At Franklin’s arraignment the next day, she asked the judge to “check again” on Brewster, seemingly not believing he was really dead, while crying and asking to go home. “You are not going home any time in the near future,” said the judge. Franklin, who cried that she didn’t kill him “on purpose,” is charged with one count of criminal homicide.

Unknown source