Tuesday 8/14

In Col­orado, a black bear broke into a candy store and chowed down on Eng­lish tof­fee, caramel-dipped cook­ies and milk choco­late “cookie bears.” Sur­veil­lance video shows the bear mak­ing seven trips into and out of the store in roughly 15 min­utes. He left for good after a pass­ing car scared him away.

Mommy it’s Super­man!” “No son, it’s a drunk in tights.” That was the reac­tion of pedes­tri­ans in the town of Lulea, Swe­den, where a guy dressed as the Man of Steel was spot­ted stum­bling around a shop­ping mall in a stu­por, alarm­ing vis­i­tors who were no doubt con­cerned about the mess he might leave while chang­ing his threads in a phone booth. The man, who was not iden­ti­fied by name, was deter­mined to be too drunk to care for him­self, but not harm­ful enough to be charged – so he was taken to the police sta­tion to sleep off his ben­der. After being released, the man downed another glass or two of Kryp­tonite, and was kicked out of a restau­rant for another drunken dis­play – but still man­aged to avoid charges.

‘Till death do we part,” indeed! PA woman Na Cola Dar­cel Franklin and fiancé Billy Rafael Brew­ster appar­ently got into an argu­ment the night before their­wed­ding. Despite the pres­ence of other fam­ily mem­bers, includ­ing the couple’s chil­dren, Na Cola allegedly stabbed Billy twice, with one wound punc­tur­ing his heart! He was pro­nounced dead at 3:24 am. At Franklin’s arraign­ment the next day, she asked the judge to “check again” on Brew­ster, seem­ingly not believ­ing he was really dead, while cry­ing and ask­ing to go home. “You are not going home any time in the near future,” said the judge. Franklin, who cried that she didn’t kill him “on pur­pose,” is charged with one count of crim­i­nal homicide.

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